Here you will find my favorite SCI-FI TV SHOWS, in alphabetical order. Don't know exactly how many shows I will add here at this point but it will not be all at once because that's just too much work. A short description will be written, will add an intro vid, episode guide, just the titles for a quick overview. Also if there is a Blu-ray release, the links to the blogs on this website will be added, also characters and perhaps more. To do this for every show, it is too much work, therefore the links to the IMDb pages on this page Overview: SCI-FI TV Shows in Alphabetical Order remain. As said the shows will be in alphabetical order but I won't add them from A through Z. Like some new stuff I have not yet seen (yet), there is also a lot of old stuff I haven't seen and will be difficult for me to watch because it's availability. So there a few reasons why some of these shows aren't here, but one of them is simply I haven't seen it (yet).

Nbrs, A, B & C

D, E, F, G

H, I, J

K, L, M, N

O, P, R


T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Coming, will be added to my favorite shows in the (near) future:

And more.....

Current ones I haven't watched (yet) or only partly, so I cannot yet give a verdict about:

and more...

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