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Plot (IMDb):  A team of experts are assembled after the U.S. Navy discovers an extra-terrestrial object briefly appeared near a ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

Ps. Found by accident that you can watch all 13 episodes on YouTube in HD, subtitled, for free! Don't know for how long they will remain on there!

Threshold first premiered on CBS in September 2005. It was the same year as Supernatural, a show called Surface and also Invasion debuted. As you well know Supernatural ran for 15 seasons while these 3 SCI-FI shows all ran one season. Only one, Invasion, ran the full season, 22 episodes.


Of course as a SCI-FI fan I am used to this, most SCI-FI shows are being cancelled after one season. Supernatural however, it may not be SCI-FI but it sure is genre TV. I think if Threshold had been aired on CW channel, perhaps it would have lasted also a few more seasons, we will never know of course. Threshold was my favorite of these 3 SCI-FI shows. It was a bit horror/SCI-FI, with a great cast. Till this day I don't understand why this got cancelled after only 9 episodes. Boggles my mind sometimes. 


This was the main cast, everyone of them great actors: Carla Gugino; Brian Van Holt; Brent Spiner; Rob Benedict; Peter Dinklage; Charles S. Dutton. The sets were really great and the special effects were very impressive. The stories were massive, well executed stories and a very believable threat. As I said, unbelievable this was cancelled so soon. I can not back this up, this is from memory, I believe the episodes had about 8-9 million viewers, which today would have been a hit...I know we live in different times. 


Still if you haven't watched this, try and find it, it's been released in DVD. Because the creators learned about the cancellation during the production of the last episode, they added a scene which at least gives a tiny bit of resolution. The producers of this show aren't the least experienced! - Brannan Braga (Star Trek); David S. Goyer (Batman begins, Dark City, Man of Steal and more) and David Heyman (I am Legend, Gravity and more)

Threshold Trailer (TV 2005) & Intro into Season 1

Episode Guide

Season 1:

  1. Trees Made of Glass (1)
  2. Trees Made of Glass (2)
  3. Blood of the Children
  4. The Burning
  5. Shock
  6. Pulse
  7. The Order
  8. Revelations
  9. Progeny
  10. The Crossing
  11. Outbreak
  12. Vigilante
  13. Alienville

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Threshold on DVD (North America, Australia)


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