November 2020: From 2011-2018 I ran a website named SF Series and Movies. It obviously was done by a fan, a fan with limited creative skills but however limited, I liked to do it and it was and is about the content! However the website became too big, I lost interest in keeping the website alive mainly because it took a lot of time each day to search for news and to keep the website up to date. With some regret in hindsight I closed the website somewhere in 2018.


But lately I again felt the urge to create a new website, less big, mainly focused on SCI-FI TV Shows, which would mean less work. I also made a choice to be selective with what news is. Besides this, I also like to write about my favorite shows so the #BLOGS section has a determinative role on this website. I hope you enjoy your visits here, hope it is interesting enough for you to become a frequent visitor. If you have any remarks, questions, you can do so in the comment section below. You email address is only visible to me.

star trek, star wars, sci-fi, alternative universe, space, spaceships, time-travel, stargate, richard dean anderson, the expanse

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Dark Angel
2 years ago

Welcome back! I found your site again after twitter notification lol, I knew the site was closed a few years ago.

2 years ago

Thank you Dark Angel! Sorry for the late reply somehow I missed your comment! Thanks for your visits and comment!

4 years ago

Nice to see that you're back. I like the looks of the website. Wish you succes and good luck with your new website.

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