From 2011 to 2018 I had a website called "SF Series and Movies". At one point the website became too big. I couldn't keep up with it anymore so somewhere in 2018 I closed the website, with to a point, some regret in hindsight. My favorite part of that website had become my #BLOGS section but of course that was gone too. Having the blog still as word documents, last few weeks I was pondering about creating a place on the internet were I at least could re-post those blogs. 


I uploaded all the old blogs, they now reside in the BLOGS Archive section. And I already wrote some new blogs. The blogs will (mostly) be about seasons, complete series, pilots, upcoming new shows and perhaps later on also TV Show Blu-Ray releases. Since I started this website on November 17th, 2020 I added quite some sections besides the blogs section. This site will only be about Sci-Fi TV Shows, not movies except the movies which have been spawned from SCI-FI TV Shows. I don't know if I will be adding more sections in the near future but for now it is as it is now. I hope you have a good time browsing on this site.

star trek, star wars, sci-fi, alternative universe, space, spaceships, time-travel, stargate, richard dean anderson, the expanse

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5 months ago

Nice to see that you're back. I like the looks of the website. Wish you succes and good luck with your new website.