I really like to write about my favorite SCI-FI shows like Babylon 5, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Stargate SG1 for instance. Still, I discovered that it is not easy to write a rewatch blog for every TV show for various reasons. I am constantly trying to better myself and therefore one blog is better written than the other. I am trying to minimize spoilers but that is not always so easy either, so this is a working progress also. Anyway, the blogs I consider my favorites, you can find them on the home page just below the news updates. I will tell you about my rewatches, anniversaries, unboxings of DVD’s & Blu-ray’s and I also write about new TV shows, new seasons, cancellations and so on. Here they will be collected, and at some point, they will be moved to the BLOGS Archive page where still will be accessible.

Anniversaries 2024:

1994-01 Viper, 1999-01 Total Recall 2070, 1984-01 Blue Thunder, 2014-01 Intelligence, 2014-01 Helix, 1974-01 The Six Million Dollar Man, 1984-01 Airwolf, 1994-01 Babylon 5, 1999-02 Journey to the Center of the Earth, 2014-02 The After, 2009-02 Dollhouse, 1989-03 Hard Time on Planet Earth, 2009-02 Aaron Stone, 1999-03 Strange World, 2004-03 Century City, 1994-03 RoboCop, 1999-03 Farscape, 1989-03-26 Quantum Leap, 2014-03 The 100, 1999-04 The Last Train, 1999-06 Crusade, 2014-06 The Last Ship, 2009-06 Virtuality, 2009-07 Warehouse 13, 2014-07 Extant, 1979-07 Sapphire & Steel, 2004-07 The 4400, 2004-07 Stargate Atlantis, 2014-07 The Lottery, 2009-08 Defying Gravity, 1984-08 M.A.N.T.I.S., 1989-09 Alien Nation, 1979-09 Buck Rogers, 1964-09 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, 2004-09 Lost, 2014-09 Forever, 1999-09 Now And Again, 2009-09 Flash Forward, 1959-10 The Twilight Zone, 2009-10 Stargate Universe, 1994-10 Space Precinct, 1999-10 Roswell, 2009-10 The Flash, 1999-10 Harsh Realm, 1979-10 Quartermass, 2004-10 ReGenesis, 1994 - V- The Series, 2009-11 V, 1994-11 Earth 2, 2009-11 Misfits, 2009-11 The Prisoner, 2009-11 Paradox, 2009-11 Starhyke, 2014-12 Ascension, 1994-12 Tek War. 

  • Rewatches 2024 continued from 2023: Doctor Who, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: DS9, Stargate SG-1, SeaQuest DSV, The Pretender, Travelers, The Mandalorian.
  • Rewatches started in 2024: 
  • Rewatches in near future: Blake's 7, UFO, Resident Alien, Star Trek: Picard.
  • Finished (re) watching in 2024: Doctor Who S1-5 + David Tennant Specials, Star Trek: DS9 S1-4, Star Trek: Voyager S1-4, Stargate SG-1 S1-S2, The Pretender S1-S2, SeaQuest DSV S1.
  • Rewatches I really want to do also very soon: Highlander the Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Coming Soon:

Because of lack of interaction in the comments, are they even being read I ask myself, I am going to slow down with writing and thus also releasing new blogs. I have five more ready and then we will see if and when I get the inspiration to write more in the near future.







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