Season 4 is an excellent season, only a few episodes which only are less entertaining but not one stinker of an episode. My favorite episode of the season I think is Be All My Sins Remember'd. Hope you will enjoy this! I am trying  to make it less of a long read. This one already is almost a full (word) page shorter than season 3. I hope I can make it less long with next blogs.


Season 4 starts with the exciting  Adrift follow-up of season 3 finale First Strike. The expedition team hurdles through space on Atlantis, but they don’t know where they are and they almost have no power left to even survive. Meanwhile Keller is trying to save Dr. Weir. Rodney suggest to use the nanites which have healed her before in season 3, episode Real World. But Sheppard is against that, he knows Weir doesn’t want that because it’s too dangerous. When Weir is a the brink of dying Rodney helps Keller with administering the Nanites when Sheppard is away. Carter and Bill are on the midway station trying to contact Atlantis, they come with a plan.


Meanwhile, in lifeline, McKay has a bold plan to steal a ZPM from the home planet of the Replicators. At first the plan goes according to plan, Sheppard and Ronon take a ZPM while McKay and Dr. Weir are waiting in the puddle jumper. But then Rodney has a plan to activate a dormant command so that the Replicators will attack the Wraith. This does not go according to plan, Dr. Weir leaves the puddle jumper to help Sheppard and Ronon and succeeds in this but is forced to leave behind so that Sheppard and Ronon can escape. Now they have a fully charged ZPM so that they can land on a new planet to settle. But Dr. Weir is M.I.A.


By the 3rd episode, Reunion, Samantha Carter takes command of the Atlantis expedition, Dr. Weir has been replaced. McKay believes for a very short while he will be appointed as the new leader. Meanwhile Ronon meets up with his buddies from Sateda who he believed were dead. He thinks about leaving Atlantis to join them but turns out his friends have become Wraith Worshippers during an operation they did together. Of course Ronon turns against them and realizes who is real friends are now.


Doppelganger is an okay episode but mostly standalone. They find a crystal similar to which we also saw in Stargate SG-1, where O’Neill was copied. But one noteworthy thing is that Dr. Kate Heightmeyer dies. Travelers is the next episode where Sheppard is being kidnapped by a group of people who live in space all their life, to stay one step ahead of the Wraith. They have an ancient ship, but need someone to activate it. They need to transport a large group of their people. They end up being allies and Sheppard has a possible love interest. McKay is jealous when he finds out that Sheppard was captured by a beautiful alien instead of an ugly dude.

Tabula Rasa, a standalone episode were a virus is making everybody forget who they are and who their fellow Atlanteans are. An okay episode. Missing we found out that Dr. Keller isn’t showing the bravest part of herself to keep alive. Teyla and Keller go to Teyla’s people and find that they are all gone. It is an entertaining story where you see Keller slowly becoming more up to the challenge of what is asked from her and we find out that Teyla is pregnant.


The Seer, Having been told by the Genii spy on New Athos that her people were still alive, Teyla asks permission to visit a man named Davos who is a legendary seer and may be able to help her. But Davos is sick and therefore they bring him to Atlantis, Dr. Keller realizes that the man is dying. His ability to see the future is real, but the snippets of the future he is able to show them are open to interpretation. Sheppard is called back to Atlantis when they receive a message from the Wraith whose life he had previously saved. He offers to work with McKay to fix the nano virus that is now malfunctioning. As if this weren't enough happening, Richard Woolsey arrives from Earth to undertake Samantha Carter's 3 month evaluation. Davos tells Teyla that her people is alive but in a dark place, he doesn’t see anything more. Sheppard doesn’t trust Todd, an Hive ship is in orbit and another is on its way. But instead of firing on Atlantis they fire on each other and they both get destroyed. Now Todd is going to assist McKay with adjusting the virus so that the Replicator stop with the war because they are killing human worlds so close off the supply of the Wraith.


In episode Miller’s Crossing we see McKay’s sister again, she gets kidnapped because McKay sends her an email to help him with the replicator nano code. Of course this gets intercepted. So she is kidnapped and taken to a private medical facility where she is expected to use nano technology to save the life of a wealthy industrialist's daughter. Rodney and the Atlantis team travel to Earth to look into Jeannie's disappearance but Rodney is soon kidnapped also and put to work as well. Rodney and Jeannie think they have found a working solution but when it fails, there is only one solution left to them - they need expert help and the only expert who knows more they do is Todd, the Wraith. Because as incentive, Wallace injected McKay’s sister also. The daughter doesn’t make it, Todd needs nourishment to continue…Sheppard talks Henry Wallace into volunteering because he feels responsible for what has happened. Sheppard tried this because McKay was ready to give himself up to help save his sister.


In This Mortal Coil an undetected satellite crash lands into the city. They soon find out that this is Replicator Technology. Like McKay, Ronon thinks everybody is behaving differently. Sheppard decided to let his blood tested and dr. Keller says it’s okay but Sheppard now thinks something is off too. It turns out it's all an imaginary world created by a renegade group of Replicators using Elizabeth Weir's memories. When the fake Atlantis is destroyed, the lookalikes contact their real counterparts to give them information they can use against the Replicators. They tell our team that Weir is dead because she couldn’t be tamed. The others sacrifice themselves and now our team has a device that can track Replicator ships. Best thing about this one, was to see Elizabeth Weir again, it all looked as if she never left.

Probably the best episode of the season, Be all my sins remember’d. Now having the ability to track the Replicator ships, the Daedalus and the Apollo have some success in destroying 7 Replicator ships but then suddenly they are retreating to their home world. McKay tries to create a device which would destroy the Replicators. He thinks he can create something with Nano technology but keeps it inert but this doesn’t work so finally he does create something which looks like a human, much to Sheppard’s annoyance. McKay calls it F.R.A.N. (Friendly Replicator ANdroid). But to do this they need more ships so they ask Todd for extra ships, he promises more but he only gets 7 ships and they also get help from Larrin’s people (episode Travelers).They succeed destroy the Replicator ships and the planet but in the rubbles of that planet, unknown to the Atlantis crew, is that a ship of replicators survived and the captain of that ship is Dr. Weir, replicator version of course. Meanwhile Teyla tells Sheppard and Ronon that she is pregnant, Sheppard, annoyed places her inactive for Duty. Ronon congratulates her and goes with her to the infirmary. (A funny moment when the colonels from the Apollo and Daedalus beam down and they meet colonels Carter and Sheppard. Cracks me up every time!)


Episode 12, The Spoils of War is a follow-up episode 11, the Atlantis team find out why the Wraith had much greater numbers during the last war with the Ancients and were therefore able to win. They find a Wraith cloning facility. With the help of Todd they are able to destroy it. Teyla is instrumental in keeping the queen under control but if Sheppard did not kill the queen in time, her unborn baby probably would have died.


Episode 13 – Quarantine -  Through a malfunction team gets split up in pairs two, Ronon with Keller, Sam with Radek. McKay is wants to propose to Katie but the lockdown gives him severe panic attacks. This actually means the relationship is over but McKay is to inexperienced to realize that. Zelenka saves the day, Ronon and Keller almost kiss. Okay episode but nothing really special. Episode 14, Harmony, is probably my least favorite episode of the season. Forgettable episode about a girl Sheppard and McKay need to protect. Few laughs because of the banter between McKay and the girl (Jodelle Ferland) and Sheppard & Mackay.


Outcasts is a better episode, Ronon and Sheppard to back to Earth when Sheppard’s father dies. During their stay they get contacted by a young woman who needs their help. She knows how they are and before they know it they running around after a Replicator which has been created on Earth. We also meet Sheppard’s ex-wife Nancy, played by the gorgeous Kari Wuhrer, who we mostly know from Sliders. Double twist is that the girl is a Replicator too who ultimately saves Sheppard and Ronon. Trio is also not one of my favorite episodes. McKay, Dr. Keller and Sam are trapped underground and while earth quakes are happening all the time, they need to escape. It’s a bit like an escape room, before they actually were invented. Well I’m not a fan of escape rooms. There is some nice banter, funny awkwardness but nothing more than that for me after my 5th or perhaps 6th watch.

Midway is more interesting, Teal’c crosses over, he’s there to help coach Ronon with him upcoming interview with Mr. Coolidge from the IOW. After some (literally) painful sparring they go to Midway together to go their separate ways there but the fall right in the middle of an ambush by the Wraith and they need to work together to fight off the Wraith from overrunning earth. Mr. Coolidge does not give a Ronon a difficult interview after he saves his and earth’s asses.


In The Kindred Parts 1&2 Teyla has a vision about Kanaan, he is asking her to come and find her. In reality this is Michael who has manipulated Kanaan. While Sheppard is checking out a planet where humans die of the Hoffan virus, Teyla is being kidnapped when she returns to a planet with Lorne where she before went to with her own team but did not find Kanaan. Kanaan is with Michael, does not seem to respond to Teyla. Evidence leads to Michael, that he is the one responsible for the Hoffan virus. Sheppard and his team come to rescue Teyla but Michael already moved to another place. But they do find Beckett! Beckett turns out to be a clone. He very much wants to help but he is deteriorating, Michael gave him injections every 7 days and he is missing them now. He does remember a gate address from one of Michael’s places and there they find Teyla’s people. Michael escapes again with Teyla, he shoots Beckett, only way to survive now is putting Beckett in a statis pod.


In the season finale The Last Man, Sheppard goes through the wormhole and travels 48.000 years into the future. He gates into an abandoned Atlantis surrounded with sand. McKay is there as a hologram and tells him he has a plan to bring him back to his own time so he can stop certain futures from happening. When he comes back he has to convince Carter and the others that he knows where Teyla is. He was 12 days missing. Once there in the old building, they find nothing both a boobytrap, the building collapses with apparently everyone in it..... to be continued.


Screencaps taken from GateWorld

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