This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the original DVD release of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, back in 2003. On the left-hand side you see the first season how it was released in The Netherlands and presumably also in other European countries. It was something I was looking forward to for a couple of years at that point and when Star Trek: The Next Generation got a DVD release in 2002, it was also announced the other shows would get a DVD release from 2003 onwards! Although I was happy to know that, it still was a long wait, during the year 2002 but at least I could already purchase TNG.


These are really bulky sets, same as The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise sets. Back then I already had problems with free shelve space because I still had a lot of Star Trek and Babylon 5 seasons on VHS. At that point I was not yet ready to part with them.

So, I was not really glad with the bulky sets, but I was of course really happy my favorite Star Trek show got a DVD release. The set comes with a booklet, where the characters are introduced, an episode guide and a little explanation what is happening with The Next Generation crew and later also the Delta Quadrant where Star Trek: Voyager is set. There also a CD-rom present which is the first part of 7 which can be installed after the final 7th season. (screensaver)


I owned all bulky DVD sets of the first 5 Star Trek series I had them all but currently I only have the Deep Space Nine sets in its original packing! Yes indeed, I purchased Star Trek TOS; The Next Generation and Enterprise on Blu-ray, so the DVD sets have been replaced and I sold the DVD sets. Long time ago I also sold the bulky Star Trek: Voyager sets because of lack of free shelve space. I purchased the slimline sets but quality was not good, most of the episodes I could not watch, but I could no longer send them back because I had them standing on the shelve for a few months. Also I was hoping for a Blu-ray release which never came. Recently I purchased a complete set of Voyager.

The discs look nice, have a nice print on it. I do find it a bit strange that on the first season discs, the Defiant is also present, it's like the producers of these sets do not even know the show they are putting out on DVD! Another strange thing is that on each disc only one episode is printed, not always the first episode as if all discs contain only one episode. Below you'll find a few pictures of the first season set, 20 years old set. If you would like to see pictures of the other DS9 sets (seasons 2-7) as well, please leave a comment behind and I will see if I can create one or two blogs or something with pictures of the other seasons.

Click on the pictures to enlarge!

Final Word:

Every few years I take out these DS9 sets to rewatch one of my all-time favorite shows! Babylon 5 is the other one. All these years, since the Blu-ray releases of The Next Generation, I kept hoping for a miracle, that DS9 (and Voyager) finally would also get released in HD on Blu-ray. The DS9 doc, which was released in 2019, again gave me a little bit hope but nothing happened. I still hope, but I no longer expect it to happen. Therefore I have been pondering about purchase the slimline sets of DS9 or the complete series but I've decided not to do that, these sets I have maybe big, bulky, but they are also unique, all these years I did not have any problems playing these discs so why risk that with newer sets? Because I've did read some reviews about faulty discs and I also had my own experience with the slimline UK sets of Voyager where I couldn't watch half of a season or something. So I will keep my sets forever, even if a miracle happens and DS9 would get a Blu-ray release! As said, if you would like to see pictures from the other seasons also, let me know in comments below.

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