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The final season, such a shame it has to end here! Figure this could go on for many more seasons but hopefully it will return to TV in some form like a miniseries, a spin-off show or perhaps even a continuation like with The X-Files but hopefully it won’t take as much time! The last two seasons haven’t been released on Blu-ray unfortunately and I doubt it ever will so I had to watch the last two seasons via Prime, it was the 2nd time I watched these two seasons and for me, they are definitely among my favorite seasons. It is a shame the last season only has six episodes, but hey, it’s better than nothing. Thanks to Amazon we had 3 more seasons to enjoy the universe of The Expanse after Syfy cancelled another favorite show of ours after Dark Matter, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Defiance and many more. Of course, it is also the first season without the Alex Camal character and I have to say, really miss him, he was an interesting character and I was glad he was mentioned, and thought of now and again during the 6th and final season. Still miss Klaes Ashford, who was killed at the end of the 4th season. He was just so unique, shame he didn’t got to hang around longer. What was a nice surprise was the cameo of Elizabeth Mitchell’s character Anna Volovodov during the 3rd episode of the 6th season, was a nice touch after we hadn’t seen her since the 3rd season.



In the first episode, “Strange Dogs”, Earth is like a wounded animal, Inaros is having the best cards at the moment. For the past six months the Roci is trying to destroy the incoming asteroids Inaros is sending to Earth. Inaros is on Ceres with his crew, Filip is not happy, not focused and is literally just fucking around. His dad is not happy with him. Especially in this episode you see Marco Inaros is really full of himself, he sees himself as the savior, a god or something. Drummer is still free, Inaros has put a bounty on her and her allied ships. Chrisjen might have a solution to their problem to give people hope again and Naomi is angry with Amos for bringing Peaches onto the Roci. As if she is a replacement for Alex.

In the second episode, “Azure Dragon” the Roci gets a new assignment, they need to board the Azure Dragon, the ship that is sending asteroids to earth. To try and find what more is coming, to be better prepared. Bobbie accepted a position in Chrisjen’s team, Drummer seeks an alliance with another Belter crew who also seems to have enough of Inaros. Filip kills his best friend but does not need to serve time, that is why he feels even more guilt. His father again lets him know how disappointed he is in him. Monica Stuart is going to make a documentary to show what is really happening, what this does to the Earthers.


In “Force Projection”, one of the best episodes of the season, when Earth and Martian ships arrive at Ceres, Marco Inaros is gone. He has left the station in shambles and there is no more food for the Belters who live on Ceres. Again he made a strategic move, because Earth and Mars now need to user their resources not to starve the Belters. When Holden’s crew is on their way to Ceres, Inaros spots them and figures that this is an opportunity. Filips begins to see more and more what kind of a man his father is. When he calls what he sees about his father, he needs to leave the bridge. Final moment of the episode Marco gets a report from Medina station which suggest an ace up his sleeve.


In “Redoubt” Filip is being demoted by his father, he needs to work in the lower ranks. Peaches finds out that Holden is the responsible for Inaros not being dead when he disarmed the missile just before impact. Holden tells Naomi why he couldn’t do it. Drummer sends a wide-open message that Inaros is a coward and a traitor. Monice shows Chrisjen the documentary she made and must convince Chrisjen it is the right vibe. Note - Dylan Taylor who plays Admiral Duarte, is also Steve Wassenfelder on Defying Gravity. Is the first time I’ve seen him after DG, which does not mean he hasn’t done anything else!

In episode 5, “Why We Fight”, we see that Marco Inaros has a surprise for Earthers and Martians at Medina station. He has installed a railgun which destroys ships in seconds! Drummer brings supplies she took from Inaros and brings it to Ceres. She reluctantly agrees on a pact between Drummer and Chrisjen. Filip finds out it was not the Earthers who set the charges on Ceres which killed so many Belters! Now Bobbie also knows Holden was responsible for disarming the missile meant for Inaros’ ship. In the series finale episode, “Babylon’s Ashes” the final assault on the Medina station and its railgun has begun. Holden and his crew are vital to this attack. Inaros again has another trick up his sleeve which is the reason for the loss of several of Drummer’s ships. But Liang Walker, allied to Drummer sacrifices himself. Inaros was relying on another trick, concerning Admiral Duarte and a place to go to, doesn’t pan out. Naomi comes up with a daring plan regarding the ring identities which Inaros only figures out when there is no time to change course. Holden gets himself into trouble when he becomes responsible for the new independent Transport Union, his first act is one that Chrisjen thought of but did not really expect! She is angry at him, but he convinces her it is the best move. Naomi mourns for her son’s death, but is he?  - The episode ends quite nicely, comforting, knowing it at least is a good start after the war with Marco Inaros. What also was nice to see was the dinner on Roci, eating good food, having fun, being a family!

Final Word:

The Expanse definitely goes out with a bang in this 6th and final season. For me it is one of the best seasons, I enjoyed it so much…again. For me it’s a show that is firm in my Top 10 of all-time favorite shows. It is always nice to finish a show, but I also feel a bit sad that it is done, but hey, it is always here to check it out again. Hopefully the last two seasons get a Blu-ray release in the (near) future. For sure this is the best SCI-Fi in a decade, for me anyways!


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