"The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace. It failed. But, in the Year of the Shadow War, it became something greater: our last, best hope... for victory. The year is 2260. The place: Babylon 5."  – Commander Ivanova


This will be a bit more difficult than the previous seasons because I took notes after each episode, didn’t do that from season 3 last year. I never know which exactly is my favorite Babylon 5 season. It’s certainly not season 5, season 1, although season 1 is better than season 5 but seasons 2, 3 & 4 are my absolute favorites! Of those 3 seasons I think this is my favorite season. I think because of the building up towards the 4th season, some great Earth related stories. Also War Without End, return of Sinclair. Season 4 maybe fantastic but I think still prefer season 3!


Season 3 starts in episode “Matters of Honor” with introducing two characters, Marcus Cole, a ranger, and a ship called the White Star. It’s a hybrid ship of Minbari and Vorlon technology. The season starts when Marcus Cole tries to escape from a planet attacked by Shadows. Marcus needs to bring info to Babylon 5. Delenn shows Sheridan the new ship, built in secret, it’s the White Star and they use it immediately to help the rangers. Earth Force sends a representative to find out more about the ship that killed Lt. Keffer. The 2nd episode “Convictions” is a filler episode, but it has some fantastic Londo / G’Kar moments. There’s a bomber on the loose and Londo and G’Kar find themselves trapped in an elevator. Londo wants to try to escape with the help of G’Kar but G’Kar doesn’t want to. This way he thinks he gets to see Londo die without the punishment of 500 Narns. Funniest moment when Londo screams : can anyone hear me and then G’Kar says softly: I hear you! Cracks me up every time.

“A Day in a strife”, also sort of standalone, A probe arrives, and presents the station with a test. If they pass, it promises to share advanced technology. if they fail, the station will be destroyed in a few hours. Garibaldi confronts Franklin about his stim usage. “Passing through Gethsemane”, very good emotional episode, Brad Dourif as brother Edward. Lyta returns from Vorlon space. In “Voices of Authority” Marcus and Ivanova go and search for any leftover first ones to ask for their help in the coming war, meanwhile Sheridan has to deal with a female Political Officer who doesn’t mind to go a little further than just closely working together!


In “Dust to Dust” Bester returns to Babylon 5. Because Sheridan is worried what he could find out if the command staff was being invaded by Bester’s mind, he takes precautions. Dust is a powerful new drug which can temporarily unlock telepathic powers. G’Kar decides he is going to use it on his arch enemy Londo and finds out many truths about how Londo has been involved in everything. “Exogenesis”, a Marcus centered episode which is one of the weakest of the season I believe. Few nice moments, when Franklin and Marcus are caught, Marcus questions him about Susan Ivanova. Franklin can’t understand why he brings her up while they are in this predicament. Also the moments between Marcus and his ill friend Duncan are nice.


Episodes 8 “Messages From Earth”, 9 “Point of No Return and 10 “Severed Dreams” can be seen as a 3-parter and are definitely some of the best B5 episodes in the whole series. It even starts in the previous episode where Marcus gets the message that the package in on its way to Babylon 5. That package is a woman. This woman is brought to the command staff and tells that a Shadow vessel has been discovered in Mars! And more recently one on Ganymede as well. Garibaldi was also present during the time of the discovery of the Shadow vessel on Mars. While the ship on Mars was being freed by another Shadow vessel, Earth does not want to let the one on Ganymede go. Sheridan decides to go and destroy the ship. G’Kar is still in prison because of his assault against Mollari during episode “Dust to Dust”. The book of G’Kar is in the making, he has good spirits, some say, a changed man! The creepy nightwatch is preparing to a hostile takeover of Babylon 5.


In “Point Of No Return” Lady Morella visits Babylon 5, the wife of late emperor Turhan, he hopes to get her psychic vision for guidance. The Nightwatch relieve Garibaldi of his duties. Clarke has issued Martial Law! G’Kar is released from prison, he has an idea, use the Narn as security because of the Night watch, there are only a few loyal ones left. Zach helps the command staff trapping the Night watch. Lady Morella tells Londo and Vir that they both will become emperor! In “Severed Dreams” all hell breaks loose, Major Ed Ryan, the new CO of EAS Alexander has been in a fiercely battle, he has no other choice than to go to Babylon 5 for repairs. Fun trivia 😊: The character of Major Ryan was an addition to the script when it was discovered that 'Robert Foxworth' could not return as General Hague. This resulted in an outtake in which Bruce McGill, upon his character boarding Babylon 5 and being asked where General Hague was, replied "General Hague is doing Deep Space Nine. He was double-booked by his agent, there was nothing to be done. So you'll have to do with me sir." Delenn dissolves the Grey Council, Clarke is coming for Babylon 5 and Sheridan sees no other option than to declare Babylon 5 independent. Sheridan gets help from Delenn when she comes with the Whitestar and lots of Minbari warships and declares that Babylon 5 is under Minbari protection.

“ceremonies of Light and Dark” is an episode right after the storm, so a bit of a disappointment in that view, but understandable. There are still some Clark loyalists on the station who believe by kidnapping Delenn, they can force Sheridan’s hand. “Sic Transit Vir”, Vir, Ambassador on Minbar comes back to Babylon 5 and meets his fiancée Lyndisty. She’s not as sweet as it seems. With the power Vir has been given by being ambassador, he is trying to save as many Narns as possible! When Londo finds out, all hell breaks loose.  “A Late Delivery From Avalon”, a Marcus Cole episode, okay episode, where David 'Arthur' McIntyre (Michael York) believes he is King Arthur. Some fun moments with G’Kar and “King Arthur”.


In “Ship of Tears” Bester returns and claims he needs the help of the command staff in tracking down weapons. But these weapons turn out to be telepaths, captured by the shadow. Among them, Bester’s lover. “Interludes and Examinations” Sheridan is very pessimistic, they have yet to win a battle against the Shadows. They need a win! Kosh is the one who could help with this, Kosh however at first refuses to help, making Sheridan angry. After a violent confrontation Kosh agrees. Later on he has to pay for his help with his life. In the image of Sheridan’s father Kosh comes to Sheridan in his dreams. Apologizes for his reluctance to help, he knew this would happen and although he was old, he didn’t want to die.


“War without End” Parts One and Two are of course the icing on the cake of this season. It is at least in the same category as “Point of No Return” and “Severed Dreams”. Finally a continuation on the season one “Babylon Squared” episode. It is a fantastic time travel story so well written and executed is just amazing. Of course extra fun was the return of Michael O’Hare as Jeffrey Sinclair, who obviously has a very important future ahead of him what for his fellow attendees is the past. It also has forward flashes, where Sheridan ends up in a prison with his wife Delenn. Londo is holding them prisoner for what they’ve done against Centauri. As I said, icing on the cake!

Next episode, “Walkabout”, Dr. Franklin, who went on a walkabout to meet himself, because of his stim addiction, it is a strange episode, the Dr. Franklin storyline was not my cup of tea. The new Kosh is also arriving on the station. Lyta senses something in Captain Sheridan’s mind, the first Kosh! Sheridan is determined to score a victory against the shadows with is newly found advantage… telepaths. “Grey  17 is Missing” is a bit like the previous one, one storyline is very mediocre, the elevator thing, while the Marcus Cole / Neroon storyline is VERY interesting, loved the fight scenes, the respect Neroon gains for Marcus. Marcus’ ongoing wit. Final moment when Neroon visits Marcas in the infirmary is also a great moment!


The last 3 episodes are all fantastic, the first one, “And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place”. A favorite episode of my wife, if I watch this alone, I have a fight at home! 😊 Well scripted episode, subterfuge makes this episode very special. It looks like Londo is setting a trap for G’Kar but in fact he is setting a trap for Lord Refa, because he no longer trusts him but even more, because he thinks Lord Refa has killed Lady Adira, while in fact this was Mr. Morden’s doing. It’s more than this, episode has brother Theo for the last time, I believe, there is singing… it’s a blast!


In “Shadow Dancing” Dr. Franklin finally meets himself. It was very annoying to have this storyline play out next to the interesting storyline, with the Shadows. Every time it switched back to Dr. Franklin, I got annoyed. I think in itself the storyline was interesting, Dr. Franklin getting hooked on stims, but the actual scenes weren’t that interesting, at least, that is how I feel about it. The final moment is golden of course, when Anna Sheridan (Melissa Gilbert), John’s wife is entering the door of his quarters just as Delenn is watching over him while sleeping! I don’t have to tell you that at that time, Melissa Gilbert was Bruce Boxleitner’s wife in real life also!


The season finale “Z’Ha’dum” of course says enough, Anne Sheridan convinces John to go with her to Z’Ha’dum, of course it was not so much that she convinced him but he didn’t tell her that. He had suspicions about her and Dr. Franklin confirmed this. He goes with her, knowing it is a trap but he goes there with one purpose alone …. I mean two, to set off 2 nukes to destroy Z’Ha’dum!


Final Word:

This is it again, hope you liked it, rewatch blog of season 4 will come in a few weeks. I still have watch season 5 and the movies, except for “In The Beginning”, so that will take a while longer. For more Babylon 5 blogs it’s best to check out this link. Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine are still my favorite two all-time favorite shows, I don't think this will ever change. I also cannot pick a favorite of these two. When I am watching B5 I think B5 is my favorite, when I am watching DS9....well you get the idea!

* Currently the screencaps are of very low quality. As soon as I am able to update this in to better quality I update it and let it know in the comments

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