It’s that time again, a little more than a year ago I wrote my last blog about updates of new shows, upcoming seasons, cancellations, rumors/speculations and anniversaries and Blu-ray news. Because of personal circumstances I was out of the loop for 10 months or so but given the current way of TV land, I don’t think it is necessary to make this blog every 6 months, think 12 months should suffice. With these streaming platforms it tends to take some more time anyways. But we will have to see how this works out. So I want to inform you again about new shows, upcoming seasons, airdates (expectations). I also want to tell you about cancellations and I want to let you know which TV shows have their anniversaries this year. Hope you find it useful information.


Regarding the airdates of new TV shows, I’ll try to do it chronologically but in most cases the definite airdate is not yet announced so, it will be hard to that in most cases. Rumors, Anniversaries and the Blu-ray sections will be discussed separately from the news and updates about TV Shows and their seasons. In general, I will link every show to IMDb, so that you check it out there if you want more info. Means I have to write less which makes this blog slightly less longer!



First one I want to mention, discovered it a few weeks ago, Night Sky, thought it was an interesting premise, it went slow but that wasn’t a problem for me, shame it got cancelled after only 8 episodes. Made for Love also got cancelled, last June it was announced. Thought it was a fun show, light, it got 2 seasons. Pandora, still no update, I presume it’s death but I am not sure. The 4400 reboot has also already been cancelled after one season. Hadn’t seen it yet but soon heard that it was not up to par with its original. Y: The Last Man, also cancelled after one season. Katee Sackoff’s Another Life is cancelled after two seasons on Netflix. I haven’t seen the 2nd season yet, did see the first one, but wasn’t too impressed with this, bit messy, confusing, bad acting but still I think I am going to check out season two in the near future. At least a couple of episodes. Raised by Wolves cancelled after two seasons.


Demimonde, wasn’t even a full-fledged show yet, but HBO scrapped it before it started. Space Force, not really SCI-FI, but it is still cancelled by Netflix. The Time Traveler’s Wife has also been cancelled after one short season. Only found out about it yesterday, started watching a few days back!  The last one I have for you is Legends of Tomorrow, it got cancelled after 7 seasons! It is quite a run! Quite a list of episodes, I imagine I probably am incomplete, haven’t been keeping score last 10 months but if I come across any more cancellations I will add it in the blog or in the comments of the blog. You can of course also let me know in the comments.


Renewals and Other News:


Moonhaven has just finished its first season, no info yet about a new season. However when I check IMDb I do see a season two tab already with one episode on it. So it seems it’s been renewed already! Someone else perhaps info about this? Lost In Space also finished earlier this year with its 3rd and last season. Really liked this show, especially the 2nd and 3rd seasons. The Orville has also just finished its 10 episode run of season 3. It is unsure if this gets renewed, if yes, Yay!! If not, season 3 finale was a satisfying one. Resident Evil is currently running on Netflix with its 1st season, same The Sandman, read some good reviews about it. Paper Girls has also just started, have to say, it does not really have my attention. Obi-Wan Kenobi finished its season earlier this year, it was supposed to be a onetime thing, a limited series but is it possible, another season? Westworld has also just finished its 4th and final season. I own the first 3 seasons on Blu-ray, but I have yet to watch it! Motherland: Fort Salem, also finished earlier this year, it was renewed as series finale, so no cancellation. The Midwich Cuckoos, just finished airing its first season, no news yet about another season. She-Hulk starts airing its first season on August 18th 2022. When this blog comes live it will already have been released for at least a week or so I gather. Stargirl will return with its 3rd season on August 31st 2022 and Handmaid’s tale’s fifth season will stream from September 14th.

On September 19th there will be a continuation or a reboot of Quantum Leap! Of course in the original show Scott Bakula was the lead actor. Andor’s first season will air on September 21st, 2022. Looking forward to this one. Hello Tomorrow if I can believe what IMDb says, this show launches somewhere on September 22nd, 2022. La Brea will return next month, the 27th of September with its second season. The Peripheral starts streaming on Prime on October 21 of this year. From the makers of Westworld! War of the Worlds is also expected to arrive in the last months of this year, not definitive date at this time. Avenue 5 , first season released in 2020, then nothing for 2 years, now it is possible that the second season will air in the last couple of months of this year. But is also rumored that this is going to be its final season. The final part of season 1 of The Nevers is expected to air in the last few months of this year. Star Trek: Discovery is also expected to return late 2022! The Mandalorian is also to expect being released at the end of this year. Update! Unfortunately The Mandalorian has been pushed back to 2023, no specific date yet. Same could count for Rangers of the new public, at least when I check IMDb but it is more viable that this will be pushed back to next year. Two more shows which could be still released this year, but chances are that it will be 2023,  Invasion 2021 and Foundation, both their 2nd seasons. Roswell, New Mexico’s 4th season this year, will its last. The documentary about Star Trek: Voyager is also due to arrive in the last few months of this year, if there haven’t been any delays at least, let’s hope so! It will be released on physical media!


A bunch of shows which fairly certain are not going to be released before 2023: Star Trek: Picard will return in 2023 with its 3rd and finale season. It is expected to be released in February 2023 and the Next Generation cast will also be present! You can watch the Teaser here. According to the IMDb website, Ahsoka’s 1st season is to be released on March 12th, 2023. For All Mankind, just finished its 3rd season, also has been renewed, for a 4th season! Expected to return in 2023 also. Manifest, as you might know this first was cancelled after 3 seasons, first two seasons were a big success on Netflix, so Netflix decided to resurrect it for a 20 episode final season. Most likely it will dropped on Netflix somewhere in 2023 Update! The first part of season 4 will start streaming November 4th, 2022 on Netflix!. Snowpiercer has also been renewed for a 4th season but there is some delay, will be late 2023 I guess. Furthermore, it was also announced in June of this year that it would be its final season. The Boys has been renewed for season 4, Loki has been renewed for season 2. Hawkeye aired late last year, I believe it was a limited series. However, it does produce a spin-off, called Echo , which planned for the summer of 2023.


Dr. Who has also been renewed for its 14th season, when do they learn, I’d say, take a break for a few years. Anyway in 2023 Dr. Who celebrates its 60th birthday and for that occasion David Tennant and Catherine Tate return. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will also be back next year, what a fantastic show this is! Halo has also been renewed for a second season coming in 2023. Stranger Things has also been renewed for a fifth and final season for next year. Resident Alien, a brilliant show with Alan Tudyk, has also been renewed for season 3, currently airing part two of season two. Ironheart, Secret Invasion and Acolyte are all expected to be released in 2023. Acolyte even has a specific date already on IMDb, August 11th, 2023. Secret Invasion is a limited series. Superman & Lois , will be back with its 3rd season, Flash, will be back with its 9th season next year. It will be its final year and it will contain 13 episodes only. In 2023 HBO is also releasing The Last of Us with Pedro Pascal who we know from The Mandalorian. Black Mirror will also be back on TV for its sixth season, not a definitive airdate yet, but expected to be in 2023. Doom Patrol will also be back next year with its fourth season. From had its first season early this year and season two is to air somewhere in 2023Star Wars: Underworld is expected to arrive in 2024.


A few shows which have had their latest season this year (or year before that) but for which it is uncertain if they come back (or in some cases that it is a limited series): The Book of Boba Fett, not sure if this gets another season to be honest. Or if it was perhaps a limited series. Ms Marvel, also uncertain whether this gets renewed for season two. The Man Who Fell To Earth, finished its first season a few weeks ago, as yet unclear if this gets renewed. Hopefully it does. Moonknight aired earlier this year but no news as of yet if there will be a season two or perhaps it is a limited series also. The Umbrella Academy, had its 3rd season this summer, it is more than likely it will get another season but it could well be its last.

New Projects recently announced:


First one I want to mention the reboot of Babylon 5 but due to the takeover business not only the Babylon 5 reboot experiences some setbacks but other shows as well. Still creator JMS said in February of this year that the pilot is still active at The CW and that it was in consideration for 2023. The original Babylon 5 also had lots of starting problems so let’s hope it will be solved. Wool, with Rebecca Ferguson, according to IMDb there will be 10 episodes but no titles or airdates. Wyrd, also announced in 2020 but since then, hear nothing of it, actor Matthew Rhys is attached to it but I fear this will be scrapped. Alien, the TV series, also announced in 2020, they were going for a 2023 release but haven’t heard anything yet. But somehow I am more optimistic about this show in terms of seeing the light of day. Well Buck Rogers, from George Clooney seems to be also dead in the water, haven’t heard about it in a long while. Shame, was looking forward to this, maybe it still “active” but I am pessimistic about it. Lando, also been a long while since I’ve heard anything about this, not sure, little more faith in this one because Star Wars is behind it. Same for Armor Wars . Apple TV ordered Dark Matter, a SCI-FI adaptation starring Joel Edgerton, not to be confused with the SyFy series Dark Matter which ran 3 seasons. (2015-2018). Apparently Disney is in the early stages with a new TV show around King Kong! AMC is working on a Orphan Black spin-off called: Orphan Black: Echoes. It should be streaming in 2023 if everything goes according to plan. Really liked the original so I am looking forward to this. 


Rumors, Hopes and very much Wanting:

Last year I also wrote about a new show with the name of Stargate. Back then Amazon had just purchased the rights. There was a sigh of relief in the Stargate community because we all thought that, with the rights being at amazon, there would be a bigger chance that we finally would see the return of Stargate on TV. A year later however, there still hasn’t been an iota of progress, just unbelievable that it’s been 11 years since Stargate was last on TV! Unexpected but it seems there is talk of a continuation or a reboot of Warehouse 13! I would certainly welcome it, especially is it would be with the original team!


Last year I also wrote hopeful about a future for the Syfy series Dark Matter, unfortunately, a year later there hasn’t been anything new. I have to say I am also pessimistic about the Battlestar Galactica Reboot (although apparently it should not be seen as a reboot but an expansion) as also the Galaxy Quest TV series. Think they are both dead, until they are not of course!



Like last year, this year I also wanted to address the Anniversaries in 2022. Let me first say, I didn’t check all shows but I still have 12 TV shows which have an anniversary this year. Star Trek: The Next Generation celebrates it 35th birthday, I wrote a little blog about it. Highlander: The Series celebrates its 30th birthday. Remains one of my all-time favorite shows, Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod. Also wrote a blog about it. Stargate SG-1 also has an anniversary, 25 years! 10 seasons of SCI-FI, so already 15 years of the air, time goes so fast. You can read a the blog here. Firefly, first aired 20 years ago, still one of the most popular SCI-FI shows ever, despite the fact it only had 14 episodes. A 20 year anniversary blog you can read here. Jeremiah, also 20 years this year! I used an earlier blog for this occasion which I wrote in 2020. I also wrote a collective blog about some smaller TV shows which also celebrate their anniversaries! Shows like: Alcatraz (10 yrs), Continuum (10 yrs), John Doe (20 yrs), Journeyman (15 yrs), Odyssey 5 (20 yrs), Primeval (15 yrs) and Primeval: New Worlds (10 yrs). Often one season wonders! I also added Earth: Final Conflict to this collective blog. This show celebrated its 25th Anniversary this year! It is of course not a small show but after all these years I've only seen the first season fully and only a handful of seasons 2-5, so it is difficult for me to write an extensive solo blog about it.


In 2023 there are some upcoming exciting anniversaries! To name a few, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (30 yrs), The X-Files (30 yrs) and the pilot of Babylon 5 (30 yrs), just to name a few! 😊


Blu-ray releases:


Starhunter ReduX: The Complete Series also gets a Blu-ray release on August 23rd, really didn't expect this but it is encouraging. I tried it on DVD several years back but it wasn't my cup of tea. The Bionic Woman, complete series will be released on August 30th. The 2nd season of Superman & Lois is going to be released next Month on September 27th. The 2nd season of Star Trek: Picard is going to be released on October 4th in North America. On October 11th Robocop the pilot will be released in North America. The 8th season of The Flash will be released on October 18th. The 6th season of Legends of Tomorrow was released a month ago, July 19th. Unexpected, For All Mankind season one is to be released in December in the UK! Really didn’t see that coming. The Six Million Dollar Man, already released in Germany for a few years now, has also been released in North America. The Complete Series of SeaQuest has also been released in North America.


Final Word:


That was it, quite a lot again, tried to keep it shorter by adding the link of the show to IMDb instead of writing down the premise of the shows. Hope you like it, not sure when the next one will be, if you have comments, if you know more new upcoming shows, I’ve been out of the game for a while so it’s certain I am missing stuff.

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