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Plot continues: Neil Taggart - Chuck's young adult son and genuine computer expert, Sarah Forbes - a popular news anchor and TV reporter who's there to make an exclusive piece about the mission, and Angela Perry - Chuck's experienced co-pilot who's father is a powerful senator. Everything is going fine until the Earth is suddenly caught on fire and then implodes for no apparent reason. This horrifying mysterious event damages the crew's shuttle, which leads to the death of the technician and also leaves Angela badly hurt and ...

Odyssey 5 is a Canadian SCI-FI show which premiered in the US on Showtime and in Canada on Space in 2002 from June 21st till October 15, 2002. Odyssey 5 is created by Manny Coto, who after Odyssey 5 went on to Star Trek: Enterprise (season 4) to be the showrunner there. He expressed interest to someday come back to this show, Odyssey 5. Either to continue it, or to give the show a satisfying conclusion, unfortunately till now this has never happened.


In the US first only the first 14 episodes aired on Showtime. It took another 2 years before the remaining episodes aired on Showtime as "missing episodes". Unfortunately like many other SCI-FI shows, Odyssey 5  ends on a major cliff-hanger! No surprise there.


It had an impressive cast, Peter Weller (RoboCop, Star Trek: Enterprise, The Last Ship and many..many more), Sebastian Roché (Fringe, Supernatural), Christopher Gorham (Jake 2.0, Harper's Island, Covert Affairs and on..).


I first got to watch Odyssey 5 for the first time in 2006. When it aired in my country, I guess somewhere in 2003, it was on the telly around midnight. And by the time I knew it was airing, the season was already halfway through. So when it was released on DVD here in my country in 2006 I was able to watch it for the first time. I was blown away by the fact that is cancelled after only one season. 


This show is also due for a rewatch. Last time I watched this was a decade ago! Unbelievable! (Re) Watch recommended!


Plot (IMDb): Five years into the future, five Odyssey astronauts and a NASA technician are setting up NASA's latest high tech satellite just outside of Earth's orbit. The five are: Chuck Taggart - a charismatic authoritative and stoic mission commander and former ace pilot, Kurt Mendel - a likable pompous horny quip-prone British science author and NASA's special celebrity guest on the flight who actually does know a lot about science and can be brave and cunning despite claiming otherwise. 

Odyssey 5 - Pilot Episode Intro - Opening

Episode Guide

Odyssey 5 on DVD

Season 1:

  1. Pilot (1)
  2. Pilot (2)
  3. The Shatterer
  4. Astronaut Dreams
  5. Time Out of Mind
  6. Symbiosis
  7. The Choices We Make
  8. Rapture
  9. L.D.U. 7
  10. Flux
  11. Kitten
  12. Dark at the End of the Tunnel
  13. The Trouble with Harry
  14. Skin
  15. Begotten
  16. Vanishing Point
  17. Follow the Leader
  18. Half-Life
  19. Rage
  20. Fossil

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