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Lucky for Kiera, through the use of her CMR (cellular memory recall), a futuristic liquid chip technology implanted in her brain, she connects with Alec Sadler, a seventeen-year-old tech genius. When Kiera calls and Alec answers, a very unique partnership begins. Kiera's first desire is to get "home." But until she figures out a way to do that, she must survive in our time period and use all the resources available to her to track and capture the terrorists before they alter history enough to change the course of the future. After all, what's the point of going back if the future isn't the one you left?

Continuum is a Canadian SCI-FI show which premiered on Showcase on May 27th, 2012. The last episode aired on October 9th, 2015. Continuum ran for 4 seasons, first season 10 episodes, seasons 2 and 3 both 13 episodes and the last season only had 6 episodes but the creators of the show had been given the opportunity to finish the show satisfactory instead of cancelleling in after 3 seasons. Well done Showcase! I wish this rather was the standard than the exception it currently is. All too often TV shows are being cancelled with with lots of hanging threads, no proper ending. Showcase made sure Continuum is more or less a closed book now, which is nice to have in your collection.


Continuum filled the void a bit, in the years 2011-2015 there wasn't a lot of SCI-FI on TV if I remember correctly. In any case, not clear and cut SCI-FI, which in my opinion this is. So I really swallowed-up this eagerly, it sure wasn't perfect but it was more than a decent show, recommended rewatch at least for a few times. I thought Rachel Nichols as Officer Kiera Cameron did quite well, she really made an impact on me, she's got quite a presence.


Of course the cast as a whole was impressive to say the least: Tony Amendola (Stargate SG-1), Lexa Doig (Andromeda, The 4400, Stargate SG-1) Roger Cross (First Wave, Dark Matter, Arrow etc), Victor Webster (Mutant X), Stephen Lobo (Painkiller Jane, Colony, Travelers), Jennifer Spence (SGU, Travelers, The 4400), Brian Markinson (Away, Battlestar: B&C, Salvation) and Ryan Robbins (Battlestar Galactica, Sanctuary, Arrow, Falling Skies) and there are more, I could keep going on.


On rotten tomatoes Continuum does fare very well also, avg Tomatometer is at 88% and the audience score is 86%! Those really are good numbers if you ask me. If you haven't seen this yet, check this out, it really is an entertaining show. The CGI is not perfect but certainly more than okay. It's a good story, entertaining and exciting. As far as I know only in the US the complete story has been released on disc, on Blu-ray and DVD. 


Plot (IMDb): Continuum is a one-hour police drama centered on Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from 65 years in the future who finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver. She is alone, a stranger in a strange land, and has eight of the most ruthless criminals from the future, known as Liber8, loose in the city.

Continuum Trailer & intro

Episode Guide

Season 1:

  1. A Stitch in Time
  2. Fast Times
  3. Wasting Time
  4. A Matter of Time
  5. A Test of Time
  6. Time's Up
  7. The Politics of Time
  8. Playtime
  9. Family Time
  10. Endtimes


Season 2:

  1. Second Chances
  2. Split Second
  3. Second Thoughts
  4. Second Skin
  5. Second Opinion
  6. Second Truths
  7. Second Degree
  8. Second Listen
  9. Seconds
  10. Second Wave
  11. Second Guess
  12. Second Last
  13. Second Time

Season 3:

  1. Minute by Minute
  2. Minute Man
  3. Minute to Win It
  4. Minute Changes
  5. 30 Minutes to Air
  6. Wasted Minute
  7. Waning Minutes
  8. So Do Our Minutes Hasten
  9. Minute of Silence
  10. Revolutions Per Minute
  11. 3 Minutes to Midnight
  12. The Dying Minutes
  13. Last Minute


Season 4:

  1. Lost Hours
  2. Rush Hour
  3. Power Hour
  4. Zero Hour
  5. The Desperate Hours
  6. Final Hour

Poster Lexa Doig in Continuum

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Continuum on Blu-Ray


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Eric Sadler

Edouard Kagame

Travis Verta

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Sonya Valentine

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Chief Dillon

Jasmine Garza

Julian Randol

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2 years ago

Hi Barry, I really like it too! Currently in the middle of a rewatch, at the end of the first season!
Thank you for visiting and commenting! Hope to see you back!

2 years ago

This is great. Continuum is my fave scifi show!