Resident Alien is one of the best new shows out there, in my humble opinion! For a large fact due to the acting qualities of Alan Tudyk as Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle. He is really fantastic in this show. It all happens in a small town in the United States where he crash-lands and he thinks he can live undisturbed away from the village till the time he can fix his ship but that is not an option. 


The first season consists of 10 episodes, but the second season has 16 episodes. Unfortunately, a while back it was announced that the third season, for which 12 episodes were ordered, was reduced to just 8 episodes. Which give the idea that Syfy is pulling the plug after the third season! Hopefully not but I have a bad feeling about this. Anyway, if that is the case, than perhaps they will give it a satisfying ending.


With this Unboxing blog I want to show you in detail what kind of a release this is. It is obviously a fairly standard release, however it has some artwork on the inside of the cover which is always nice. I hope this blog helps you to decide whether or not to purchase the second season.

We are unboxing the North American release, at the moment there is no other release known for season two but I discovered that the first season has also been released in the UK so perhaps the second season will also get a UK release. But nowadays, in case with TV shows on Blu-ray, nothing is for sure. There was talk on Blu-ray.com that the second season would be MOD release, manufactured on demand, but I cannot find any more info about that so I figure that it's not the case. While the first season does have a sleeve, the second season, does not have one. It is a standard Blu-ray box, the inside of the cover has some art and episode titles. Also the discs have art on it as you can see below. It seems that there has been a little more effort with the release of the second season than with its first. I recently also purchased the first season on Blu-ray, also the North American release, If there is a demand for that, I can also do an unboxing blog for that one.


  • Codec: MPEG-4 AVC
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
  • Original aspect ratio: 1.78:1


  • English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1


  • English SDH


  • 4 Discs (4 BD-50) - Printed


  • Inner print

Region Code

  • A (B&C untested)


  • Yes, deleted scenes

Click on the pictures to enlarge!

Final Word:

So it is a standard release but still the art on the inside and the art on the discs makes it a bit more colorful in my opinion. It is a 4-disc set which means there are 4 episodes on each disc. There aren't many special features on it, only some deleted scenes, which is a shame. On the other hand, speaking for myself, I only tend to watch the special features of Star Trek releases but I can imagine that for other folks this is a letdown. I hope I was able to help you weather or not to decide to purchase this release, I for one, am very pleased with it, it is a fun show, release looks nice, it has English subs. The only thing perhaps is missing is a sleeve so in that regard it stands apart from the first season.

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