After 4 series of the new Doctor Who series which started in 2005, we got a year with only specials with the 10th doctor, David Tennant’s version of the Doctor. We got 5 specials where the doctor has no traveling companion with him. It was about 10 years ago that I had seen them all, after watching them all again, I now know which is my favorite, which really made me sit on the edge of my seat! No, it’s not “The End of Time” part one or two, but “The Waters of Mars”! “The Waters of Mars is just a very exciting SCI-FI story which had me sitting on the edge of seat the entire time. For me the problem with the “End of Time” parts one and two, is that I just so much dislike the character of the Master, it is really hard for me to enjoy these specials. I had the same problems when he was in the regular series 3 episodes. He strikes a nerve with me, normally I really can enjoy a villainous character but sometimes it destroys my viewing pleasure like with the Master. Another example that comes to mind was Dr. Smith in the 2018 TV show “Lost In Space”. Especially in the first season she brought on the same feelings I have with the Master in Doctor Who. It can be a thin line how to play a villainous character and get away with it. For me at least.


I thought “The Next Doctor” was an adventures special, really liked the vibe of the special, David Morrissey, who I knew from “Walking the Dead”, who is Jackson Lake aka The Next Doctor, may well be a very believable Doctor, he had the enthusiasm as David Tennant’s portrayal of the Doctor. The setting in Christmas time gave it a feel good vibe, even though some terrible things happen and have happened before the special begins. Although not my favorite David Tennant special, it was very entertaining and hold it in high regard.


“The Planet of The Dead” is for the least favorite one, still it was kind of entertaining. I really did like Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina de Souza. She became the Doctor’s temporary companion. She was a thief who was hiding from the police when she stepped in the bus. On that planet she was very helpful and very enthusiastic with helping the Doctor figuring out what was going on. She is instrumental in turning back to London through the wormhole just before the bus has been taken over by that deadly swarm. Back in London Christina is arrested. She asks the Doctor is she could go with him, become his next companion, which he declines. He does help her escape by releasing her handcuffs with his sonic driver! She escapes on the flying bus!

As I said before, “The Waters Of Mars” is definitely my favorite special. It is a real SCI-FI story, exciting, some very uncomfortable moments because the Doctor knows what is going to happen to these people, what should happen to these people according to history. He arrives on Mars on November 21st, 2159 where he is not alone. A group of humans arrived there in 2158. When he gets captured, he realizes who they are, what has happened and he knows he should leave as soon as possible because this specific incident is a moment fixed in time, a moment that cannot be changed…should not be changed. But when the shit hits the fan the Doctor cannot help himself and starts taking charge making the best of a worse situation. He ultimately saves three people: Adelaide, Mia (Gemma Chan, Humans) and Yuri. He drops off the captain before her home, being smug, and he even is proud of his achievement. He changed a fixed moment in time! This moment the Doctor is insufferable to be honest. Adelaide goes into her home and shoots herself. When he hears the gunshot the Doctor realizes what he has done, that he was wrong. I really enjoyed watching it again! I’ve watched it before but for some reason it impressed me more than my last rewatches.


Even though The Master bothers me, the two-parter “The End of Time” is truly great television, the Master returns, the Doctor feels his end is nearing, he feels this all thru the specials. After everything that has happened, he still wants to save the Master. Donna is back, although not a big part but really Important. Her granddad is there for most of the ride, man he is so intense, he constantly has these wet eyes, he grabs you by the throat with his look and his manners. The return of the Timelords was also exciting, although I thought they were gone quite easily again. I mean, they are the Doctor’s people but aren’t as cunning as the Doctor himself apparently. The Time Lords turn out not to be the good ones while the Master does the right thing in the very end. The saying goodbyes was an emotional ride, I could not keep it dry as the Doctor visited Donna who got married. He also visits Jack, Luke, Martha and finally also Rose, just before her adventure with the Doctor begins, in January 2005. Getting back in his Tardis he changes into a new Doctor (Matt Smith).


Final Word:

Well I have to say, David Tennant really was a great Doctor, perhaps the best, I’m not sure. At first I thought Christopher Eccleston could not be replaced, then I was convinced I would hate David Tennant’s replacement Matt Smith. But they all bring something unique to the part and the truth is, I cannot choose between these three Doctors, I love them all. Really looking forward to the next 3 series with Matt Smith.

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