I must be going soft! I actually enjoyed most of season Two of Voyager! I obviously already liked it otherwise I would not have bought it on VHS back in the 90’s and afterwards 3 times on DVD. And you can bet I would purchase it on Blu-ray too if I was given the chance. That said, season two only really shines a few times this season with episodes like “Meld” with Brad Dourif as lt. Suder, “Deathwish”, with Q and “Deadlock” where have two Voyagers and one of them gets into a fight with the Vidiians. Although regarding “Deadlock”, One wonders perhaps how they engineer the damaged Voyager back again to its original state without any outside help.


In “Meld” we meet Lt. Suder, who came from the Maquis and till this episode, he was adjusting more or less, but he turns out to be a killer. Tuvok wants to help him and performs a mind meld which does help Suder but gives Tuvok lots of problems. Great performances from Brad Dourif and Tim Russ. “Death wish” is a really entertaining episode where we meet not one but two Q’s and a few more Q’s who are little bit more than extras. This was a good story about a Q who wanted to end his life, but he was not allowed to. One of my all-time favorite Q episodes. In “Deadlock” through a spatial rift a second Voyager appears at the same timeframe the other one currently is. One ship gets badly damaged while the other one remains almost fully intact. When the Vidiians board the not so damaged ship, both Janeway’s are standing before a difficult choice.

I think that most of the episodes are okay, entertaining to watch. It starts with “The 37’s”, where we find out what happened to Amelia Earheart after she went missing in 1937. This was a good opening to season two. Episode two DS9’s Nog, Aron Eisenberg guest stars in the episode “Initiations”. A Chakotay episode which I really did not like. In part this is because it revolves around the Kazon and if there is a Star Trek adversary, I find pathetic, it’s these Kazon and no it doesn’t matter which Kazon faction, the Ogla, the Nistrim or another one, they just aren’t interesting. “Projections” is another entertaining episode where Dwight Schultz guest stars as Barclay. The doctor is experiencing some strange sensations, first he learns that the entire crew is off board, then Barclay comes into sickbay, as a hologram, telling him he is Lewis Zimmerman and that he is not on Voyager but on a station.


“Elogium” is another below average episode, although I have to say, it was not as bad as I remembered but still it’s a mediocre episode at best where Kes is in the first stage of getting ready to become a parent because of lifeforms who live in space who sent out certain sexual spores. She wants Neelix to be the father! Note - Still a bit strange, she is 1 year old, having a relationship with Neelix who would become the father. “Non Sequisitor” is an ensign Kim episode who somehow suddenly has gone back in time, where he lives on Earth, and he did not serve on Voyager. So, the timeline seems changed, and he tries to solve with Tom Paris, who also didn’t get on Voyager. Note - Thought this an okay episode, nice to see Kim on Earth, see some of his life before Voyager.

In “Twisted” An anomaly causes Voyager to get all twisted, the bridge is not to be found, people can’t find their quarters, Engineering and what more. Everything they try to do against it, fails. Tuvok’s suggestion, to do nothing, seems to be the solution. Note - An okay episode where we see how jealous Neelix is in regard to Kes. In “Parturition” we again see Neelix’s bad side when it comes to Kes when he sees Tom Paris being more than just friendly to his girlfriend. However, after a mission together, they become friends. Note – Another okay episode, nothing really special but watchable. First time we see the captain’s hair loose! “Persistence of Vision”, again, okay episode where The Doctor and Kes must find a way to stop the psychic attacks before the whole crew is disabled, lost in their own visions. The alien has the ability to bring out unwanted memories from people.


Beforehand I really thought I would hate “Tattoo”, yes, another Chakotay episode. You would think I would remember each episode title after 7 or 8 rewatches but I am lucky that way, I don’t! That is not to say it was a great episode, it got barely a 6/10 but it was the B-story which saves this episode because it’s about the Doctor, who has given himself the flu. He starts to panic when it doesn’t stop on the programmed time. Note - This was a fun storyline. Therefore, it is always sensible to watch all episodes, even if it is only a small satisfying scene in an otherwise dreadful episode. In “Cold Fire” Voyager has a trace on the other caretaker, who thinks Voyager was responsible for the dead of the other caretaker. Note - With Gary Graham who guest stars. Also, an okay episode, what I found interesting is that not only this Caretaker, but other species as well, had said before that Voyager is seen / been called as the ship of death!


“Maneuvers” is, I believe, the best episode of the rest, behind the mentioned episodes above. Kazon Nistrim, with Seska, attack Voyager and steal a transporter module, making an extra fool of Chakotay and leaving a warp trail which is deliberate. Chakotay takes matters into his own hands, to protect the Voyager crew, against Janeway’s wishes. Note - This was a nice action piece, shame that these Kazon were the best the creators could think of though. “Resistance” was better than I remembered, or I appreciate it a bit more than with previous viewings. Tuvok, B’Elanna are captured, Janeway is saved by a man who thinks Janeway is his daughter. This man, Caylem (Joel Grey), has lost his wife and daughter, which he never got over from. Note – Guest stars Alan Scarfe (Augris), good performances of Kate Mulgrew and Joel Grey. “Prototype” is a B’Elanna story, and it is an interesting one. Voyager finds an automated unit, a robot in space. B’ Elanna is able to save it, the unit figures she’s a builder, a creator of these beings, so she gets kidnapped by this unit and his comrades, and she is instructed to build a prototype.

“Alliances” we see that Voyager is under attack for a few weeks now. Chakotay is suggesting to the captain to seek out alliances. Reluctantly Janeway agrees and they do seem to find a partner with the same ideas as the Federation has. The Trabe, although they enslaved the Kazon in the past. I don’t want to go too deep into the next episode called “Threshold”! One of the worst episodes in Star Trek history all together. Tom's attempt to cross the time warp threshold and make a name for himself results in rapid physical mutation. Meanwhile there is a traitor on Voyager who contacts Seska. Note – This little story-arc was a nice bit though, it started around here and ended with episode “Investigations”. We discussed “Meld” at the beginning of this blog. “Dreadnought” is another B’ Elanna story, okay episode where B’Elanna needs to try and stop a missile which has been reprogrammed by B'Elanna but was created by the Cardassians, sent to the delta quadrant like Voyager and had been modified by B’Elanna. “Deathwish” has also already been discussed earlier.


The Doctor shines in the next episode “Lifesigns” where he gets into a relationship, more or less, with a Vidiian woman, dr. Pel, whom he had saved. Tom Paris is being a pain in the ass for a few months now, coming to late on for his duty shift, mouthing off, illegal profiting with gambling and such. It escalates in a way that he is relieved of duty. Note - This story-arc now spans 4 episodes, although in “Death wish” there was no mention of it. Episode “Investigations” marks the final episode of the Tom Paris story-arc when he asks to leave, to serve on a Talaxian ship. It was all a set-up so that Paris could find out who the traitor was and who was contacting the Kazon Nistrim ship. Chakotay was left out of the loop because it needed to be convincing and Neelix catches the traitor, Jonas, and during a fight, Jonas gets himself killed. Tom Paris, who was kidnapped from the Talaxian ship by the Nistrim, manages to escape. Note – This was a good episode, with Tom Paris and Neelix having the most screentime because Neelix is having some sort of a daily news show where Tom Paris’ predicament was followed. “Deadlock” has already been discussed earlier.

Five more episodes to go, first one, “Innocence”. Tuvok crash lands on a moon and finds 3 alien children. But these children are not what they seem. Note - It is not an awful episode but it’s not an episode which makes me excited! Although Tim Russ does a solid performance. It is a shame that what happened in the previous episode “Deadlock” isn’t mentioned in the following episode, because there was extensive damage, it was good to mention or to show it at least. “The Thaw”, guest starring Michael McKean as The Clown, perfect performance, annoying, but perfect. Otherwise, it is a very annoying episode, one of the worst for me that is for sure. I know there are Trek fans who love this one but other then the performance of McKean, I just hate it. I quite enjoyed “Tuvix” where a Transporter accident melds Tuvok and Neelix together. Tuvix makes friends on the ship but after 6 weeks or so the Doctor has found a way to split them up again. However, Tuvix feels he has the right to live. Note - Some very uncomfortable scenes (in a good way) at the end. I’ve read that this is hated by other Trek fans because Janeway and the crew are in fact murdering the character Tuvix.


“Resolutions” is rather a nice episode where Chakotay and Janeway are left behind on a planet because they carry a virus for which no cure has been found yet. As long as they are on this planet, they will be safe. Meanwhile the crew of Voyager tries to convince Captain Tuvok to contact the Vidiians to see if they can help them even though it is expressly against Janeway’s orders. Note - Here you see that this would a much better match than Chakotay with Seven. It is a shame they didn’t pursue this in later seasons. With also familiar face, Doctor Pel, from the episode “Lifesigns”.

The season two finale “Basics part One” is, in some ways a good action-oriented episode, most of you probably find it one of the better episodes of the season. Well, I used to have opinion also but with the latest rewatch I was annoyed by it. They know it is an obvious trap, but Chakotay’s dad tells him in a vision or something, that the kid is family, they decide, or better Chakotay decides to get the kid, even though they are almost certain it is a trap. And how the hell is it his kid? Seska took DNA from him while he was captured a few episodes back. Is it really his kid? Seska would say anything to have that connection with Chakotay. I was annoyed with the whole episode, although the Brad Dourif scenes were the exception. It’s probably also because these Kazon are just…yuk! So, one good thing about it, after these two episodes, we are finally rid of the Kazon, by far the most pathetic adversaries ever in Star Trek history.

Final Word:

There you have it, season two is finished and yes, I did enjoy season two more than I previously expected, perhaps in part because it was such a long time ago I watched it, and because my set had lots of faulty discs, there were a few discs only of which I could play all 4 episodes without issues. Only a few gems this season, mostly okay episodes and 5 or so duds. If I would rate the season, I think I would rate it a 7-/10. Season three is a better season but it also contains a few very mediocre episodes. Still, I plan on watching them all because, had I skipped over “Tattoo” this season, I missed those hilarious scenes with the Doctor having a cold.

Screencaps: TrekCore.com

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