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Plot (IMDb): When an old enemy, the Cylons, resurface and obliterate the 12 colonies, the crew of the aged Galactica protect a small civilian fleet - the last of humanity - as they journey toward the fabled 13th colony, Earth.

Battlestar Galactica, aired for the first time in 2003 as a miniseries. It was a backdoor pilot for the 2004 series. The miniseries was big hit so it was not a surprise it became a series. Battlestar Galactica was the best thing after Star Trek DS9 (on which Ronald D. Moore also worked on for quite a few years) and Babylon 5. I was really sinking my teeth into this new show with superb CGI. It simply looked amazing.


I for one always thought it to be a shame that Starbuck and Boomer were turned into females but that's just my view. The miniseries, the first two seasons were the best and also the occupation episodes at the start of season 3 , which reminds me a lot of the Dominion occuptation of the station what now again was called Terok Nor on Deep Space Nine. No surprise there because Ronald D. Moore was heavily involved in that. Oh man it was so good, at that time I truly believed BSG could match-up with  my 2 all time favorites DS9 and Babylon 5. I wasn't a fan of the direction it went into the last two seasons. Of course it still has some fantastic episodes but it never had the same quality as it had the first two seasons. 


So in my book, B5 and DS9 are still my numbers one, although The Expanse is getting up there too if it continues to be this good. Getting back to Battlestar, I know a lot of folks won't have the same opinion and that's okay. And as I said, it's not that the last two seasons didn't deliver some very good TV, but it is my feeling that it never was the same quality as the first two seasons. I think otherwise BSG would be there at the my top 2, making it a top 3. Perhaps my favorite episode, which actually is a movie, is Razor! Oh man what a treat is that. So BSG has to be among my favorite TV shows because the miniseries, the first two seasons and the occupation episodes, plus the Razor movie are simply awesome TV! That for me is enough.

Battlestar Galactica Trailer & Season 1 Title intro

Episode Guide

The Miniseries (1)
Season 1:

  1. 33
  2. Water
  3. Bastille Day
  4. Act of Contrition
  5. You Can't Go Home Again
  6. Litmus
  7. Six Degrees of Separation
  8. Flesh and Bone
  9. Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
  10. The Hand of God
  11. Colonial Day
  12. Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1
  13. Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2

Season 2:

  1. Scattered
  2. Valley of Darkness
  3. Fragged
  4. Resistance
  5. The Farm
  6. Home, Part 1
  7. Home, Part 2
  8. Final Cut
  9. Flight of the Phoenix
  10. Pegasus
  11. Resurrection Ship, Part 1
  12. Resurrection Ship, Part 2
  13. Epiphanies
  14. Black Market
  15. Scar
  16. Sacrifice
  17. The Captain's Hand
  18. Downloaded
  19. Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1
  20. Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2

Season 3:

  1. Occupation
  2. Precipice
  3. Exodus, Part 1
  4. Exodus, Part 2
  5. Collaborators
  6. Torn
  7. A Measure of Salvation
  8. Hero
  9. Unfinished Business
  10. The Passage
  11. The Eye of Jupiter
  12. Rapture
  13. Taking a Break from All Your Worries
  14. The Woman King
  15. A Day in the Life
  16. Dirty Hands
  17. Maelstrom
  18. The Son Also Rises
  19. Crossroads, Part 1
  20. Crossroads, Part 2

Season 4:

  1. He That Believeth in Me
  2. Six of One
  3. The Ties That Bind
  4. Escape Velocity
  5. The Road Less Traveled
  6. Faith
  7. Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
  8. Sine Qua Non
  9. The Hub
  10. Revelations
  11. Sometimes a Great Notion
  12. A Disquiet Follows My Soul
  13. The Oath
  14. Blood on the Scales
  15. No Exit
  16. Deadlock
  17. Someone to Watch Over Me
  18. Islanded in a Stream of Stars
  19. Daybreak, Part 1
  20. Daybreak, Part 2 (120 min)

Movies: Razor & The Plan

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*Miniseries is in Season One


William Adama

Laura Roslin

Lee Adama


Gaius Baltar


Saul Tigh


Galen Tyrol

Karl Agathon (Helo)

Anastasia Dualla

Torry Foster

Felix Gaeta

Samual T. Anders

Tom Zarek

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