Last watch (eps 1-6) - January - February 2023

The Nevers is another show from the mind of Joss Whedon, who is also responsible for Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and much, much more. He created it for HBO. The first episode became available on April 11th 2021. Only last month, on February 15th, the final six episodes were released on Tubi. In December 2022 it was announced that The Nevers was cancelled after only one season, which was split in half.


The Series is set in Victorian London, revolves around a group of people, mostly women, who suddenly manifest abnormal abilities. They are referred to as the "touched". Among them is Amalia True, she is a mysterious and quick-fisted widow, and her best friend Penance Adair, a brilliant inventor.


Joss Whedon stepped down as from the series, after some issues which I don't care to write down here, because I want to keep the focus on the show. I think in part this is the reason there was no continuation, which is a shame because it's a really interesting show, a thank you to my twitter friends for convincing me to try it out, that it is a really good show. 


The show got hit with a lot critical response, on Rotten Tomatoes and also Metacritic the show only gets a 5.7 out of 10, which is barely a D+, which I find disappointing but luckily I can decide to grade it higher, even as a favorite!

The Nevers - Trailer and Introduction

Season 1:

  1. Pilot
  2. Exposure
  3. Ignition
  4. Undertaking
  5. Hanged
  6. TRUE
  7. It's a Good Day
  8. I Don't Know Enough About You
  9. Fever
  10. Alright, Okay, You Win
  11. Ain't We Got Fun
  12. I'll Be Seeing You

The Nevers on Blu-ray & DVD


Amalia True

Penance Adair

Lavinia Bidlow

Dr. Horatio Cousens

Annie “Bonfire” Carby

Mary Brighton

Frank Mundi

Augustus “Augie” Bidlow

Hugo Swann

Declan “Beggar King” Orrun


Lord Gilbert Massen

Primrose Chattoway

Lucy Best

Harriet Kaur

Dr. Edmund Hague

Characters pictures taken from: TheTVDB

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