Logan's Run first aired on September 16th, 1977, till February 6th, 1978. It is a spin-off from the 1976 movie with the same name. It lasted only 14 episodes before it got cancelled. It was in the same period as Battlestar Galactica, The Six Million Dollar Man, Buck Rogers, Doctor who The Incredible Hulk, so there certainly was enough SCI-FI on TV.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons it was cancelled so soon.


There were some known Star Trek writers who also wrote on Logan's Run: D.C. Fontana, Harlan Ellison and David Gerrold. The executive producers were Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, who had created Charlie's Angels the year before.


In 2012 it was finally was released on DVD in North America, I believe in no other country. It is still available at Amazon but a price has been tripled since I purchased it about 9 years ago!


The series maintains the basic premise and visual style of the film in that Logan and Jessica have escaped from the "City of Domes" so that they will not have to die upon reaching the age of 30. The series differs from the plot of the movie in various ways, and depicts Logan and Jessica on the run in each episode in various locations on future Earth as they search for the mythical place known as "Sanctuary". Logan and Jessica are also assisted in each episode by an android called Rem (Donald Moffat) who did not appear in the film version. (Wiki)

Logan's Run - Scene & Opening / closing credits

Episode Guide


Season 1:

  1. Logan's Run (90 min)
  2. The Collectors
  3. Capture
  4. The Innocent (aka Child of the Times)
  5. Man Out of Time
  6. Half Life
  7. Crypt
  8. Fear Factor
  9. The Judas Goat (aka Wake the Dead)
  10. Futurepast
  11. Carousel
  12. Night Visitors
  13. Turnabout
  14. Stargate

Logan's Run on DVD


Logan 5

Jessica 6


Francis 7

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