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Plot (IMDb): Is friendship between a human and an android even possible? When a police detective John Kennex gets a new partner, an android of a DRN model or Dorian, he never thought it was possible to become a friend with a human-like walking machine. Could he be wrong?

Almost Human premiered on FOX on November 17th 2013. It's last episode aired on March 3rd 2014. On April 29th 2014 Almost Human was cancelled. There was condsideration to renew the show. It was either The Following, which was awful in my opinion, or Almost Human. We know the answer, of course the production costs were much higher than that of The Following. Still, I think FOX had a great show with a lot potential in their hands, but it's all about the money. According to Michale Ealy, who played Dorian, said that to continue, they needed CSI numbers. This show really deserved to stay on for 4 to 5 seasons! 


For me personally it was the best new show of the fall line-up of every network. The cast was terrific, Michael Ealy and Karl Urban were simply amazing, they did it really well, pulling off that strange relationship they had. And let me tell you, if there would have been another season, Rudy Lom, played by Mackenzie Crook, would have been the one who could have become the most popular character. He's so funny, clumsy and briljant, it's just such a great character and it would have been amazing if his role had become bigger in another season.


The beautiful Valerie Stahl, played by Mink Kelly really was under used, which really was a shame because the character had a lot of potential too. The only one weak character in my opinion was Captain Sandra Maldonado who wasn't really convincing to me as a captain. Perhaps it was the writing, I don't know but she wasn't a captain I would follow everywhere.


Unfortunately Almost Human never did get an official DVD release or a Blu-ray release in Europe or North America. The first season has been released by Warner Archive in North America, no subtitles. In Japan it has been released on DVD, with even English subtitles.

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Almost Human on DVD (Warner Archive)

Season 1:

01 Pilot (#01)
02 Skin- (#05)
03 Are You Receiving – (#06)
04 The Bends – (#07)
05 Blood Brothers – (#08)
06 Arrhythmia – (#03)
07 Simon Says – (#10)
08 You Are Here – (#02)
09 Unbound – (#09)
10 Perception – (#04)
11 Disrupt – (#11)
12 Beholder – (#12)
13 Straw Man – (#13)

Numbers behind the episode title is how they were broadcast. In front is the chronological order how it is advised to be watched.

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