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Premise (IMdB): The extraterrestrial adventures of former NYPD detective Patrick Brogan, now a lieutenant with the Demeter City police force on the planet Altor. Brogan and his partner Jack Haldane must adjust to living in another solar system, and investigating crimes being committed by aliens as well as humans.

Space Precinct is another SCI-FI show from the mind of Gerry Anderson. It is actually a mix between SCI-FI and a procedural show, a cop show with aliens in it, strange aliens I might add. The British television series aired from 1994 to 1995 on Sky One and a year later on the BBC. It also ran in first-run syndication in the Unites States but the US station scheduled the show late in the evening which hurt the ratings and was one of the reasons it was cancelled. The series was based on a 1986 pilot film entitled Space Police starring Shane Rimmer that was made but never aired. Gerry andersons previous shows were Space: 1999; UFO and Tunderbirds.


When it first aired in the 90’s I watched a lot of episodes, not all but I think about 2/3rds of the episodes. To be honest, it was a bit weird, weird but I did kinda liked it. So when I was able purchase the DVD set in 2012, the US release from studio: Image Entertainment, I took the chance. I still liked it, still found it to be a bit odd, campy but it was entertaining. In 2018 Space Precinct finally come on DVD in the UK, by studio: Network. It is a 7-disc set but like the US set, it lacks English subtitles unfortunately.


The series was one the highest- budgeted shows that Anderson produced and was popular in Europe. However, in a repeat of the situation that UFO encountered 25 years earlier, American broadcasters were uncertain what to make of the series that looked on the surface to be aimed at younger viewers, yet featured adult-oriented storylines and was usually played straight despite the bizarre storylines and make-up. As a result, Space Precinct was often scheduled in late-night/early morning time slots. The subsequent low ratings led to its cancellation after just one series.


One thing is for certain, if you decide to watch it, just keep an open mind, don’t let the strange looking aliens be the reason you stop after only a few episodes.

Space Precinct - The Making Of & Opening Credits

Season 1:

  1. Protect and Survive
  2. Enforcer
  3. Body & Soul
  4. Double Duty
  5. The Snake
  6. Time to Kill
  7. Deadline
  8. Seek and Destroy
  9. The Power
  10. Illegal
  11. Divided We Stand
  12. Two Against the Rock
  13. Takeover
  14. Predator and Prey
  15. The Witness
  16. Hate Street
  17. Friends
  18. Smelter Skelter
  19. Flash
  20. The Fire Within (1)
  21. The Fire Within (2)
  22. The Forever Beetle
  23. Deathwatch (1)
  24. Deathwatch (2)

Space Precinct on DVD / Blu-ray (UK, US release and on Blu-ray a Documentary)


Lieutenant Patrick Brogan

Officer Jack Haldane

Officer Jane Castle

Captain Rexton Podly

Officer Aurelia Took

Sally Brogan

Matt Brogan

Liz Brogan

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