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Plot (IMDb): After being frozen in time for 300 years, captain Dylan Hunt and his sentient warship Andromeda sets out to restore peace and civilization to the known universe. With him is the crew of the ship that, with profit in mind and unknowing of her captain still being alive, salvaged Andromeda from the black hole keeping her suspended in time. Andromeda originally hid in the black hole after a big battle. When Captain Hunt wakes up he realizes that this battle was the beginning of an epic war and that the great civilization he was defending, the Commonwealth, has been eradicated from existence. He and his unlikely and sometimes unpredictable crew starts on a mission to once again bring hope to the galaxy.

Andromeda premiered on October 2, 2000 and the last episode aired on May 13, 2005. It ran 5 seasons of 22 episodes, in total 110 episodes which is quite an accomplishment if you ask me. Andromeda is developed by Robert Hewitt Wolfe but unfortunately he was unable to finish the show according to his vision. mid-through season 2 it became clear that there were differences of opinions. Wolfe had a story arc and wanted to continue this over the course of the entire series. But Kevin Sorbo among others wanted to have more episodic television, like Star Trek: The Next Generation. Thus because of creative differences Wolfe left the show unfortunately because without a doubt, the first two seasons are the best of Andromeda's entire series.


Ever since I have created this section I asked myself, does Andromeda belong here. Is it a favorite of mine. Well as a whole I don't think so but mainly the first two seasons are good television and season 4 is also a step-up from season 3. Season five is by far the worst season of them all, the first time I watched all season 5 episodes because I kept hoping they would get off that awful stinking planet. It was around episode 18 that Lexa Doig finally returned after her pregnancy. Those last 5 episodes are okay but episode 1 to 17 are just plain awful. Really hate that season and with my last rewatch back in 2016/2017, I skipped episode 4 through 17 and with my next rewatch I will do so again, perhaps even skip the first 3 also. It's one thing to start of with a disappointing (first) season but to end with such a disappointing final season, really sucks.


One thing I also found troubling, when Andromeda was just released in the early 2000's was that there weren't any subtitles on it, and back in those days the SQ wasn't always that good and thus for someone for whom English is not their native language, it was sometimes hard to follow what was being said. Plus the fact that they were quite expensive in those days, at some point I stopped buying the DVD sets. Back in 2012, I purchased a German complete series set after I could confirm that this set had English subtitles on it. Besides that the SQ had very much improved as well as the PQ. Till that time I never was able to watch the complete series, I only watched the first two seasons till that time, 2012. 


On September 19, 2016, Andromeda got a Blu-ray release! Unfortunately it wasn't a real HD upgrade but it was upconverted to HD, like was done with Farscape. When I check out the reviews on amazon you can read that most of them know it's upconverted and that the PQ is better than their DVD counterparts for seasons 3,4 and 5 and only slightly better for seasons 1 & 2. Currently the price isn't that bad for the whole series on Blu, 51 euros (12/02/2021) but be aware, it's no full HD and there are no subtitles on it but region code available for A & B (C untested).

Andromeda Season 1 (Blu-ray) Trailer & Intro HD

Episode Guide

Season 1:

  1. Under the Night
  2. An Affirming Flame
  3. To Loose the Fateful Lightning
  4. D Minus Zero
  5. Double Helix
  6. Angel Dark, Demon Bright
  7. The Ties That Blind
  8. The Banks of the Lethe
  9. A Rose in the Ashes
  10. All Great Neptune's Ocean
  11. The Pearls That Were His Eyes
  12. The Mathematics of Tears
  13. Music of a Distant Drum
  14. Harper 2.0
  15. Forced Perspective
  16. The Sum of Its Parts
  17. Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way
  18. The Devil Take the Hindmost
  19. The Honey Offering
  20. Star-Crossed
  21. It Makes a Lovely Light
  22. ... Its Hour Come Round at Last

Season 2:

  1. The Widening Gyre
  2. Exit Strategies
  3. A Heart for Falsehood Framed
  4. Pitiless as the Sun
  5. Last Call at the Broken Hammer
  6. All Too Human
  7. Una Salus Victus
  8. Home Fires
  9. Into the Labyrinth
  10. The Prince
  11. Bunker Hill
  12. Ouroboros
  13. Lava and Rockets
  14. Be All My Sins Remembered
  15. Dance of the Mayflies
  16. In Heaven Now are Three
  17. The Things We Cannot Change
  18. The Fair Unknown
  19. Belly of the Beast
  20. The Knight, Death, and the Devil
  21. Immaculate Perception
  22. Tunnel at the End of the Light

Season 3:

  1. If the Wheel Is Fixed
  2. The Shards of Rimni
  3. Mad to Be Saved
  4. Cui Bono
  5. The Lone and Level Sands
  6. Slipfighter the Dogs of War
  7. The Leper's Kiss
  8. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  9. And Your Heart Will Fly Away...
  10. The Unconquerable Man
  11. Delenda Est
  12. The Dark Backward
  13. The Risk All Point
  14. The Right Horse
  15. What Happens to a Rev Deferred?
  16. Point of the Spear
  17. Vault of the Heavens
  18. Deep Midnight's Voice
  19. The Illusion of Majesty
  20. Twilight of the Idols
  21. Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath
  22. Shadows Cast by a Final Salute

Season 4:

  1. Answers Given to Questions Never Asked
  2. Pieces of Eight
  3. Waking the Tyrant's Device
  4. Double or Nothingness
  5. Harper/Delete
  6. Soon the Nearing Vortex
  7. The World Turns All Around Her
  8. Conduit to Destiny
  9. Machinery of the Mind
  10. Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter
  11. The Torment, the Release
  12. The Spider's Stratagem
  13. The Warmth of an Invisible Light
  14. The Others
  15. Fear Burns Down to Ashes
  16. Lost in a Space That Isn't There
  17. Abridging the Devil's Divide
  18. Trusting the Gordian Maze
  19. A Symmetry of Imperfection
  20. Time Out of Mind
  21. The Dissonant Interval: Part 1
  22. The Dissonant Interval: Part 2

Season 5:

  1. The Weight: Part 1
  2. The Weight: Part 2
  3. Phear Phactor Phenom
  4. Decay of the Angel
  5. The Eschatology of Our Present
  6. When Goes Around...
  7. Attempting Screed
  8. So Burn the Untamed Lands
  9. What Will Be Was Not
  10. The Test
  11. Through a Glass Darkly
  12. Pride Before the Fall
  13. Moonlight Becomes You
  14. Past Is Prolix
  15. The Opposites of Attraction
  16. Saving Light from a Black Sun
  17. Totaled Recall
  18. Quantum Tractate Delirium
  19. One More Day's Light
  20. Chaos and the Stillness of It
  21. The Heart of the Journey: Part 1
  22. The Heart of the Journey: Part 2

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