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Finch discovered that the machine sees everything, potential terrorist acts and violent crimes that involve ordinary people. When the government considered violent crimes between normal people "irrelevant", Finch built a back door into the system that gives him the social security number of a person involved in a future violent crime so he could act. Partnered with John Reese, an ex-CIA agent, the two work in secret to prevent violent crimes before they can happen. Eventually their activities lead to being hunted by the New York Police Department, CIA Agents in pursuit of Reese who was listed as dead, a computer hacker named Root who wants access to the Machine, and government officials who want to keep all knowledge of the Machine a complete secret.

Person of Interest premiered on September 22, 2011 and ended on June 21, 2016. Person of Interest ran for 5 seasons, the last season was a shortened season to conclude the show with 13 episodes. In total there are 103 episodes. This one is absolutely one of my favorite shows of the last decade. Formed together a fantastic cast, really great group of actors, very believable performances. 


While it is science fiction, it really is quite conceivable that this is going to happen in our future and of course in part this already is the happening.


According to CBS, Person of Interest received the highest test ratings of any drama pilot in 15 years, what one CBS executive called "crazy broad appeal you don't usually see", prompting CBS to move CSI, which was broadcast on Thursday for over 10 years, to Wednesday, opening up a slot for Person of Interest. The pilot episode won its time slot, drawing 13.2 million viewers. (Wiki)


With the third season Taraji P. Henson, who played Joss Carter, left the show, which really was disappointing, but we gained two female stars whom both really impressed me: Sarah Shahi as Sameen Shaw and Amy Acker as Root. I've been following Amy Acker for quite some time now and I have to say, she really is a joy to watch, very talented. Although last few years I haven't seen her in anything. I loved Sarah Shahi in Life, thought this was a show which was cancelled way to early after only two seasons.


On Rotten Tomatoes Person of Interest is also a high rated TV show. On average the critical reviewers it's currently (January 2021) on 92%, audiences rate it a bit lower but still high: 79%.

If you look per season, first four seasons have a rating of 100%! Only the last season is the odd season with only a 63% rating. Last rewatch is from 2017 and I cannot remember being disappointed with the last season.


Plot (IMDb): A billionaire software-genius named Harold Finch creates a Machine for the government that is designed to detect acts of terror before they can happen, by monitoring the entire world through every cell-phone, email and surveillance camera.

Person of Interest - Trailer - opening intros [1-4]

Episode Guide

Season 1:

  1. Pilot
  2. Ghosts
  3. Mission Creep
  4. Cura Te Ipsum
  5. Judgement
  6. The Fix
  7. Witness
  8. Foe
  9. Get Carter
  10. Number Crunch
  11. Super
  12. Legacy
  13. Root Cause
  14. Wolf and Cub
  15. Blue Code
  16. Risk
  17. Baby Blue
  18. Identity Crisis
  19. Flesh and Blood
  20. Matsya Nyaya
  21. Many Happy Returns
  22. No Good Deed
  23. Firewall

Season 2:

  1. The Contingency
  2. Bad Code
  3. Masquerade
  4. Triggerman
  5. Bury the Lede
  6. The High Road
  7. Critical
  8. 'Til Death
  9. C.O.D.
  10. Shadow Box
  11. 2pR
  12. Prisoner's Dilemma
  13. Dead Reckoning
  14. One Percent
  15. Booked Solid
  16. Relevance
  17. Proteus
  18. All In
  19. Trojan Horse
  20. In Extremis
  21. Zero Day
  22. God Mode

Season 3:

  1. Liberty
  2. Nothing to Hide
  3. Lady Killer
  4. Reasonable Doubt
  5. Razgovor
  6. Mors Praematura
  7. The Perfect Mark
  8. Endgame
  9. The Crossing
  10. The Devil's Share
  11. Lethe
  12. Aletheia
  13. 4C
  14. Provenance
  15. Last Call
  16. RAM
  17. /
  18. Allegiance
  19. Most Likely To...
  20. Death Benefit
  21. Beta
  22. A House Divided
  23. Deus Ex Machina

Season 4:

  1. Panopticon
  2. Nautilus
  3. Wingman
  4. Brotherhood
  5. Prophets
  6. Pretenders
  7. Honor Among Thieves
  8. Point of Origin
  9. The Devil You Know
  10. The Cold War
  11. If-Then-Else
  12. Control-Alt-Delete
  13. M.I.A.
  14. Guilty
  15. Q&A
  16. Blunt
  17. Karma
  18. Skip
  19. Search and Destroy
  20. Terra Incognita
  21. Asylum
  22. YHWH

Season 5:

  1. B.S.O.D.
  2. SNAFU
  3. Truth Be Told
  4. 6,741
  5. ShotSeeker
  6. A More Perfect Union
  7. QSO
  8. Reassortment
  9. Sotto Voce
  10. The Day the World Went Away
  11. Synecdoche
  12. .exe
  13. return 0

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