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Invasion first aired in 2005, September 21. Unfortunately it was cancelled after only one full season of 22 episodes. The last episode aired on May 17, 2006. ABC tried to create a new Lost! Lost was very popular and ABC was convinced they could create another one with Invasion. The pilot episode was watched by 17 million viewers airing after Lost but after that the ratings declined to 9+ million, which are by today standards, good numbers but back in those days that wasn't enough.


In September 2005 two other SCI-FI shows started: Surface and Threshold. Of course CW also started with Supernatural. Only one of those 4 became a success and Invasion lasted the longest of the other 3. I thought Invasion earned another season, it was great television, great storylines and a great cast.


Cast members like William Fichtner and Tyler Labine have good memories about this show, Fichtner told in 2010 that his role as Sheriff Underlay got him lots of recognition. Labine said he did not understand why it got cancelled. According to him it had good numbers, a good show with critical acclaim. He also said that the show was loved by fans and critics loved it, the network didn't love it. 


Shaun Cassidy made a similar statement about the show's cancellation: "I think there were unrealistic expectations that any show following Lost should do better. But no show after ours ever DID do better, so I suspect some of the execs may have regretted taking our show off the air." To the question "Of all the shows you’ve created that were canceled far too soon, which hurt the most ... and why?", Cassidy personally picked Invasion because "it was the most surprising". in 2017 Eddie Cibrian named Invasion one of his" favorite shows to be a part of". (wiki


Some future plotlines that were shared by the actors: In the "August 14–20, 2006" issue of TV Guide, actor Tyler Labine (who played the character Dave Groves) relayed what creator Shaun Cassidy had planned for the following season, saying that Cassidy had said, "Larkin was going to be presumed dead. Russell and I were going to join forces against Tom. Tom was going to find out that his first wife was alive and running this whole military operation, and she was Szura's boss."


William Fichtner (who played the character Tom Underlay) also stated the following about the development of the storyline: "There was something in there that I thought that was so good," said Fichtner. "I discovered who it really was who was orchestrating [everything]. I didn't even see it coming from a million miles away. It was my [first wife, Grace], who got on the plane with me. Two people lived after that [1996] plane crash, not just one. She went in another direction altogether. It's amazing. It was, 'ah, what you could have done with that.' "


In 2010, Labine gave an interview that detailed some of the ideas for season two and the entire show : "The idea of the show was we never gonna win. It was a evolutionary step. What was happening was not a invasion at all, it was a evolutionary step. So we're basically gonna spend 5 seasons tryin' to win this battle we can't win. It was just the end of the human nature -- the human kind -- as we know it." He also said: "Larkin was going to come back as a evolved hybrid and i was going to join a militia to kill her."


On Rotten Tomatoes Invasion does very well, it scores a 100% from 7 critics. Not enough audience ratings to come to a %.

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Season 1:

  1. Pilot
  2. Lights Out
  3. Watershed
  4. Alpha Male
  5. Unnatural Selection
  6. The Hunt
  7. Fish Story
  8. The Cradle
  9. The Dredge
  10. Origin of Species
  11. Us or Them
  12. Power
  13. Redemption
  14. All God's Creatures
  15. The Nest
  16. The Fittest
  17. The Key
  18. Re-Evolution
  19. The Son Also Rises
  20. Run and Gun
  21. Round Up
  22. The Last Wave Goodbye


Tom Underlay

Russel Varon

Mariel Underlay

Dave Groves

Larkin Groves

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