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Continued: Personally I thought it really did have potential, but as you can read on the right side, It did not really get a chance after the writer's strike, the minds of the brass seemed to have been made up well before the strike ended.

Bionic Woman is an American science-fiction series, of course it is a reboot of the original The Bionic Woman which ran for 3 seasons starting in 1976. The remake aired in 2007, September 26th till November 28th 2007. It only contains 8 episodes, in part because of the writers strike in 2007. Afterwards it was decided that Bionic Woman was cancelled. 


It is created by David Eick for NBC. Michelle Ryan was Jaime Sommers but most of the remainder the cast was also very seasoned: Miguel Ferrer, Molly Price, Lucy Hale, Will Yun Lee, Mark Sheppard, Katee Sackhoff & Isaiah Washington. It was an impressive cast but they couldn't prevent its cancellation.


Due to a strike by the Writers Guild of America, production of the series was halted in mid-November 2007, and the regular actors were suspended on half-pay for a period of five weeks. At the time of the strike, the series had aired all of the episodes that were completed before production halted. Several websites ran with rumors that NBC had canceled the series, but an NBC Universal Media Studios spokesperson told the press that the show had not been canceled and that production of the first season would continue when the WGA strike ended. Upon the resolution of the strike, an Associated Press story classified Bionic Woman as being "on the bubble", and predicted that the remaining episodes would not air until the fall of 2008, "if ever". NBC later published a report regarding initial series renewals, and no announcement was made regarding whether Bionic Woman would return in the fall. The report also indicated that despite the earlier statement by NBC Universal, production of the series' first season was considered to be concluded. (Wiki)

Bionic Woman - Opening Theme & Featurette

Episode Guide

Season 1:

  1. Pilot
  2. Paradise Lost
  3. Sisterhood
  4. Faceoff
  5. The Education of Jaime Sommers
  6. The List
  7. Trust Issues
  8. Do Not Disturb

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Jaime Sommers

Jonas Bledsoe

Becca Sommers

Ruth Treadwell

Dr. Anthony Anthros

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