Last (first) watch: 2020-2022

Avenue 5 first started streaming on HBO on January 19, 2020. It took 2.5 years before HBO released the second season, October 2022. Till this day (December 16, 2022) it is not announced if the show gets another season or perhaps gets cancelled. I have to say, I expect the second season will be its last but you never know. Update! - Avenue 5 is cancelled! No season 3!


The premise: Avenue 5 has been described as "set in the future, mostly in space." On board the interplanetary cruise ship, the Avenue 5, a momentary loss of artificial gravity and accidental death of its chief engineer sends the titular vessel a few degrees off course. It's estimated it will take the ship three years to return to Earth, and with only enough supplies to sustain her many passengers for the intended eight-week long cruise, the crew of the Avenue 5 must struggle to maintain order and return the craft safely.


It is more a comedy than SCI-FI but it is set on a spaceship so it is also SCI-FI and Avenue 5 is a show which you love or you hate, there is not much in between in my opinion. It is a very bizarre show but for some reason it grabbed me, I liked it, it is fun, I love Hugh Laurie in this, he does a tremendous job with his character. But he is not alone, all the lead characters are in their own way quirly, unique and fun. As I said, either you love it or you hate it but just give it a chance if you haven't seen it yet or if you are in doubt if this is anything for you.

Main Title & Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1:

  1. I Was Flying
  2. And Then He's Gonna Shoot Off...
  3. I'm a Hand Model
  4. Wait a Minute, Then Who Was That on the Ladder?
  5. He's Only There to Stop His Skeleton from Falling Over
  6. Was It Your Ears?
  7. Are You a Spider, Matt?
  8. This Is Physically Hurting Me
  9. Eight Arms But No Hands

Season 2:

  1. No One Wants an Argument About Reality
  2. What an Unseasonal Delight
  3. Is It a Good Dot?
  4. How It Ends: As a Starter and a Main
  5. Let's Play with Matches
  6. Intoxicating Clarity
  7. I Love Judging People
  8. That's Why They Call It a Missile

Avenue 5 on DVD (German set and the US set)


Ryan Clark

Herman Judd

Billie McEvoy

Iris Kimurat

Rav Mulcair

Spike Martin

Matt Spencer

Karen Kelly


Frank Kelly





Characters taken from:

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