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Seven Days (also written as 7 Days) first aired on October 7, 1998 and the last episode aired May 29, 2001 on the UPN. It was cancelled after 3 seasons. Apparently there were some tensions within the cast and Justina Vail, who played Dr. Olga Vukavitch quit before the end of the third season but she did agree to film additional scenes to wrap-up her characters arc. This tension among the cast and the low ratings made UPN decide not to renew 7 Days for a 4th season.


Original cast member Sam Whipple, who played Dr. John Ballard, left the series four episodes into the third season, due to a cancer diagnosis that was eventually fatal. He was replaced by Kevin Christy as young physics prodigy Andrew "Hooter" Owsley for the rest of the season. (wiki)


My last rewatch is from somewhere in 2009/2010. I was looking for quite some time for a DVD release. This took long but suddenly about 3 or 4 years ago, VEI released it as a complete series on DVD. Unfortunately, when you live outside of North America, you cannot purchase this directly via VEI nor via Okay, there are places where you can buy it, for instance, Ebay, but then you must accept much higher prices than you see on Amazon as well as much higher shipping costs. So at this point, 7 Days would cost me about $80 while on Amazon it's $40-$50, with shipping/taxes approximately, (01/02/2021). So for now, a rewatch is currently out of the question. If I ever am in a position that I can purchase it for a reasonable price, I certainly will do.


It was not a perfect show, it has it's flaws, to be honest I cannot go in too much detail because my last watch was so long ago. Between the years 1997-2004 there are shows that really hard to come by. Like 7 Days, Jake 2.0, Special Unit 2 all the same problem, all released by VEI and VEI only at this point.  John Doe hasn't even been released on DVD anywhere, same is for The Visitor but it will be my luck that if these are going to be released, it probably will be via VEI also.


Plot (IMDb): Frank Parker works with a special team of scientists and government officials on project Backstep. Using the Backstep device, Lt. Parker can travel back in time exactly 7 days. Once in the past, he reports in to base using code word "Conundrum" and carries out his mission to alter history for the better.

Seven (7) Days Review and Season 1 Intro

Episode Guide

Season 1:

  1. Pilot: Part 1
  2. Pilot: Part 2
  3. The Gettysburg Virus
  4. Come Again?
  5. Vows
  6. Doppleganger: Part 1
  7. Doppleganger: Part 2
  8. Shadow Play
  9. As Time Goes By
  10. Sleepers
  11. HAARP Attack
  12. Last Card Up
  13. Last Breath
  14. Parkergeist
  15. Daddy's Girl
  16. There's Something About Olga
  17. A Dish Best Served Cold
  18. Vegas Heist
  19. EBE's
  20. Walter
  21. Lifeboat

Season 2:

  1. The Football
  2. Pinball Wizard
  4. For the Children
  5. Two Weddings and a Funeral
  6. Walk Away
  7. Sister's Keeper
  8. The Collector
  9. Love and Other Disasters
  10. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
  11. Time Gremlin
  12. Buried Alive
  13. The Backstepper's Apprentice
  14. Deja Vu All Over Again
  15. Space Station Down
  16. The Cuban Missile
  17. X-35 Needs Changing
  18. Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?
  19. Pope Parker
  20. Witch Way to the Prom
  21. Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood
  22. Playmates and Presidents
  23. The Cure

Season 3:

  1. Stairway to Heaven
  2. Peacekeepers
  3. Rhino
  4. The Dunwych Madness
  5. Olga's Excellent Vacation
  6. Deloris Demands
  7. The Fire Last Time
  8. Tracker
  9. Top Dog
  10. Adam & Eve & Adam
  11. Head Case
  12. Raven
  13. The First Freshman
  14. Revelation
  15. Crystal Blue Persuasion
  16. Empty Quiver
  17. Kansas
  18. The Final Countdown
  19. The Brink
  20. Sugar Mountain
  21. Born in the USSR
  22. Live: From Death Row

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Seven Days on DVD


Frank Parker

Craig Donovan

Olga Vukavitch

Bradley Talmadge

Isaac Mentnor

 John Ballard

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