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Plot (IMDb): After saving the life of the President in Washington D.C., a pair of U.S Secret Service agents are whisked away to a covert location in South Dakota that houses supernatural objects that the Regents, an Authority above and outside any government, have collected over the centuries. Their new assignment: retrieve lost objects called "Artifacts", seemingly harmless items that can possess immense power, and investigate reports of new ones.

Warehouse 13 premiered on July 9th, 2009 on Syfy, which was rebranded from Sci-fi channel and the new name took effect on the same date as Warehouse 13's premiere! It is a blend of SCI-FI, comedy and drama. It "plays" in the same universe as Eureka, which also aired on Syfy, which at that point still was called Sci-fi channel back in 2006. 


Warehouse 13 for me is the favorite of the two. The characters and the stories appeal to me just a bit more. Eddie McClintock as Pete Latimer was a golden stroke if you ask me. The relationship and the banter with Joanne Kelly's Myka Bearing for me was the most important thing on the show. Like with Mulder and Scully from The X-Files


By that time, in July 2009, Syfy channel did not have many real SCI-FI anymore on it's schedule. And only Stargate Universe, which was about to premiere in October 2009, was a space travelling show. Battlestar Galactica was done, as was Stargate SG1 in 2007 and Stargate Atlantis in 2009. So I was happy that there at least still was some SCI-FI on the Syfy channel but for me it was like, I would much rather have a different kind of SCI-FI.


But Warehouse 13 is a solid show, I rewatched it in 2019, together with Eureka and I found myself enjoying Wh13 much more that I did with Eureka. So I am unsure If I will ever rewatch Eureka again in the future. It will at least take more than a few years if I rewatch Eureka again. That's different with Warehouse 13, for it has much more rewatch value. Only thing which perhaps is a shame is the obvious blue and green screen scenes, which makes it less believable sometimes.


On Rotten Tomatoes Warehouse 13 is more than solid also! Even today! 82% Positive Critics, 87% Postive audiences. Those are good numbers, 7 years after the last episode on May 19, 2014.

Warehouse 13 - S1 Trailer & Season 1 Intro

Episode Guide

Season 1:

  1. Pilot (90 min)
  2. Resonance
  3. Magnetism
  4. Claudia
  5. Elements
  6. Burnout
  7. Implosion
  8. Duped
  9. Regrets
  10. Breakdown
  11. Nevermore
  12. MacPherson

Season 2:

  1. Time Will Tell
  2. Mild Mannered
  3. Beyond Our Control
  4. Age Before Beauty
  5. 13.1
  6. Around the Bend
  7. For the Team
  8. Merge with Caution
  9. Vendetta
  10. When and Where
  11. Buried
  12. Reset
  13. Secret Santa

Season 3:

  1. The New Guy
  2. Trials
  3. Love Sick
  4. Queen for a Day
  5. 3... 2... 1...
  6. Don't Hate the Player
  7. Past Imperfect
  8. The 40th Floor
  9. Shadows
  10. Insatiable
  11. Emily Lake
  12. Stand
  13. The Greatest Gift

Season 4:

  1. A New Hope
  2. An Evil Within
  3. Personal Effects
  4. There's Always a Downside
  5. No Pain, No Gain
  6. Fractures
  7. Endless Wonder
  8. Second Chance
  9. The Ones You Love
  10. We All Fall Down
  11. The Living and the Dead
  12. Parks and Rehabilitation
  13. The Big Snag
  14. The Sky's the Limit
  15. Instinct
  16. Runaway
  17. What Matters Most
  18. Lost & Found
  19. All the Time in the World
  20. The Truth Hurts

Season 5:

  1. Endless Terror
  2. Secret Services
  3. A Faire to Remember
  4. Savage Seduction
  5. Cangku Shisi
  6. Endless

Warehouse 13 on Blu-Ray (US, German and UK sets - Complete Series)


Pete Lattimer

Myka Bering

Artie Nelson

Claudia Donovan


Steve Jinks

Mrs. Frederic

H.G. Wells

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