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Continued from Unproduced third season:

Sandeman, a cult member, and Max's creator betrayed the cult and decided to give this genetic immunity to the rest of humanity through Max, who would be the savior of the human race. There were multiple ideas on how to spread Max's immunity, including an air burst that would disperse the antibody through the atmosphere, or attaching the immunity to a common cold virus (Eglee detailed how a scene would show Original Cindy sneezing as part of the beginning of the immunity spread). This storyline is expanded upon in the final Dark Angel novel After the Dark though when the comet returns nobody falls ill, and it is believed that the cult simply had a false prediction.


Would have been really nice had we the third season, it really was an entertaining show and it’s been way too long since my last rewatch. I think I watched it too many times in just 3 or 4 years but I really would to see it again!

Dark Angel first started airing on October 3rd, 2000 and ran two seasons, the last episode aired on May 3rd, 2002. It was a TV show created by James Cameron (Terminator, Avatar) and Charles H. Eagle. Jessica Alba is the star of the show and this is also her breakthrough.


Set in 2019, the series chronicles the life of Max Guevara (Alba), a runaway genetically enhanced supersoldier who escapes from a covert military facility as a child. In a dystopian near-future Seattle, she tries to lead a normal life while eluding capture by government agents and searching for her brothers and sisters scattered in the aftermath of their escape.


I really loved the show early on, I believe I purchased the TV show as early as 2003. I’d purchased these think UK boxes although at that time, in comparison to 13 VHS tapes of one season, it was just a tiny set. Still, two seasons, 6 standard DVD boxes made me wanna sell the set and purchase a slimmer set which were available somewhere between 2010-2015. I’d watched my DVD set several times already and I did sell the complete series with the intent of buying the slimmer set! But I never did! I watched it 3 times on DVD and my last rewatch was 2006! I just don’t understand it myself because I really loved Dark Angel. I’ve been checking the DVD set out on Amazon and such but I never bought it again. Update: Purchased the set from 18 euro for 2 seasons!


Whenever I think of Dark Angel, besides the beautiful Jessica Alba, I always think of her boss, Reagan 'Normal' Ronald (J.C. MacKenzie) saying: Pip Pip people, whenever he thought his employees where being lazy, hanging around, doing nothing on the boss’ time! I never forgot that, every time I see the actor or think about the TV show, that pops into my mind. I even uses it myself once or twice!


Unproduced third season (Wikipedia):

In the DVD commentary for "Freak Nation", the series finale, Charles H. Eglee explained what had been planned for season three. The intention was to bring together the storylines of seasons one ("Manticore") and two ("Breeding Cult") and reveal the mythology of Dark Angel. The season would reveal that thousands of years ago, Earth passed through a comet's tail which deposited viral material that killed 97% of the human race. The breeding cult preserved the survivors' genetic immunity so that when the comet returned, only members of the cult would survive.

Trailer "Best Moments Season One and Opening Credits

Episode Guide

Season 1:

  1. Pilot (120 min)
  2. Heat
  3. Flushed
  4. C.R.E.A.M.
  5. 411 on the DL
  6. Prodigy
  7. Cold Comfort
  8. Blah Blah Woof Woof
  9. Out
  10. Red
  11. Art Attack
  12. Rising
  13. The Kidz Are Aiight
  14. Female Trouble
  15. Haven
  16. Shorties in Love
  17. Pollo Loco
  18. I and I Am a Camera
  19. Hit a Sista Back
  20. Meow
  21. ...And Jesus Brought a Casserole

Season 2:

  1. Designate This
  2. Bag 'Em
  3. Proof of Purchase
  4. Radar Love
  5. Boo
  6. Two
  7. Some Assembly Required
  8. Gill Girl
  9. Medium is the Message
  10. Brainiac
  11. The Berrisford Agenda
  12. Borrowed Time
  13. Harbor Lights
  14. Love in Vein
  15. Fuhgeddaboudit
  16. Exposure
  17. Hello, Goodbye
  18. Dawg Day Afternoon
  19. She Ain't Heavy
  20. Love Among the Runes
  21. Freak Nation

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