After a gap of about four years, late last month (August 2016) I started to re-watch Stargate Universe. I believe this show, which is one of my all time favourite (sci-fi) shows, is tremendously underrated! It's not a copy of Ronald D Moore's Battlestar Galactica, they only thing they have in common, is that those shows both are darker and grittier but that's about the only comparison you can make. Of course Stargate is different from it's predecessors Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. These were much lighter, more humour, both shows of course had an story arc running through both shows but not as heavily as Universe did.


There are multiple reasons for loving SGU, the darker, grittier story, the fact that it is so much different than it's predecessors. A flawed commander (Colonel Young), the conniving Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle), constantly travelling through space, the conflict between the characters, the conflict between the civilian population and the military and of course also the Ancient communication stones which allow cross-overs from SG-1 and Atlantis. Just a few reasons why I love this show so much, perhaps even appreciate it more than the previous ones because the creators dared to be different, dared to take Stargate to another level and again, the only comparison there is between Ronald D Moore's Battlestar Galactica and Universe is that they are both dark and gritty, what's not to like.

I started to rewatch SGU late August and I have to say, more than the other times I watched this, it really consumes me, I love it, I love it even more than when it original aired and the times I rewatched it in the past. This show really holds up well, it really fits even better with today's TV shows like "The Walking Dead", "Game of Thrones" and "Homeland".


Currently I am at episode 6 of season two, and only one episode, S01E17 Pain, I felt was weak, one out of 26 episodes and from past viewing, I know season two will only get better and better. Season one starts out a bit slow but for gets better and better with every episode, but season two is even better, it really was growing into something special but by then (Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis) fans left the show a long time ago. Do not understand why this show got bashed from the start, especially from Stargate fans, they should have given the show a chance beyond the first five episodes. I understand some of the feelings the fans felt at the time, it felt like they were cancelling Stargate Atlantis in order to launch Stargate Universe.


I don't know if this is true or not, and honestly, I don't care! Of course I love(d) Stargate Atlantis but the ratings of Atlantis were declining also, so it probably was a matter of time, a short time, Atlantis would have been cancelled anyways. And at that time, I myself thought it was time to end Atlantis, however I have to admit, with recent viewings, I really am disappointed there isn't another Atlantis season to sink my teeth in. Anyways, we got another Stargate show, a show which allowed cross-overs, so there were possibilities to see characters from the previous shows, Stargate was evolving, getting more mature, more in line what we want to see nowadays.

So at this time I have another 14 episodes to go and I relish it, I can't wait to watch again and of course, when I'm finished with episode 20, I will be disappointed it's over, that there is no real conclusion, but I'm still am so glad it's there, that I am able to revisit it anytime I want. With the last 14 episodes I also know I will see some more cross-over episodes, these are definitely the icing on the cake and I will enjoy them a bit more, because like SGU, I also love SG1 and SGA, love those characters, always glad to see them pop-up in Universe. I just wish all Stargate fans embraced Stargate Universe like I did. There are like me obviously, but apparently not enough.


In 2021 - I will finish the last 14 episodes in a follow-up blog.

Pictures: gateworld.net

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