Well I have to say, I am a bit surprised, glad, but surprised! I really was expected one out of the two to be cancelled because the ratings weren't exactly stellar. Luckily we Sci-fi fans can at least look forward to 2 new seasons of both shows. Both shows are very different from each other, Dark Matter is a more ensemble show while Killjoys has just 3 main characters. In the second season there are some recurring characters but on the whole it's mainly about the3 lead characters. Pity is that in both shows, till now anyway, aliens are clearly absent.


In the first season we rarely saw some much needed space scenes, this is changed a bit in the second season, more for Dark Matter than for Killjoys. In Killjoys the characters just seem to hop from one planet to the next. In both show humour is a big part of the story, which is a good thing. Last few weeks I really am looking forward to another episode of Dark Matter, because this show really is evolving while with Killjoys, I merely experience it as entertaining, there is of course a larger story arc but also some filler episodes which is a pity when you only have 10 episodes per season. Dark Matter, to me, has more soul, better stories and some great characters. I especially like the humour. Of course Anthony Lemke, who plays Three (Marcus Boone), first comes to mind, he is definitely my favourite characters, and also the android, played by Zoie Palmer is another favourite of mine.

The creators of Dark Matter, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie previously were heavily involved in all Stargate shows and this is

definitely showing, which is a good thing! Already we got two former Stargate actors who have recurring parts on Dark Matter,

Torri Higginson & David Hewlett, both Stargate Atlantis.


So both shows have been granted another season, so at least 3 seasons for both shows, that's at least something, and although

we can rejoice the decision of Syfy to renew both of them, it's still a bit of a surprise because both shows dropped in the

ratings quite a bit with their second season, about the same ratings Helix had with it's second season and therefore was

cancelled. If you look at the Syfy ratings chart you see two other shows which have done much better in the ratings, but still

got cancelled, Defiance and Dominion. Reason for that is most likely because they were expensive to create. Another

reason probably why they (Killjoys & Dark Matter) both have been renewed is because the shows are not only created in Canada,

they are also co-created with Canadian network Space. Perhaps of course, both shows are popular outside of North America, which

could help deciding in their favour. I know it ultimately comes down to ratings but the world is changing in that respect, with

social media, different possible ways in how to watch TV shows, so perhaps (and hopefully) (cable) networks don't just

ignore this altogether in deciding the future of a new season for any particular show. (Probably wishful thinking)


Anyways we sci-fi fans can rejoice that both shows will return for a third season, so we can at least look forward to that. Yesterday

I read online that The Expanse won't return for 2017, probably early 2017 so we will have to wait for season 2 a bit longer.

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