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Episode 20 - Hidden Memory - While Aeryn is recovering she repeatedly asks for Crichton. But when Zhaan and D'Argo finally admit Crichton hasn't returned with Chiana to Moya, Aeryn is determined to rescue Crichton and infiltrates the secret peacekeeper base. Between grueling torture sessions in the Aurora Chair, Crichton is still locked in a cell with Stark, a Banik slave who is being subjected to the same torture. Then Crichton is contacted by Gilina, she tells him she has a plan and that when Crichton sits in the Aurora chair next time, he has to think of them kissing! He objects because that was the secret he was keeping. Gilina convinces Crichton to let Crais and Scorpius see that memory. Gilina disables the chair and by letting Crais and Scorpius seeing images fabricated by Gilina, indicating Crais, as if he also knows something about wormholes. Crais of course tells Scorpius that it's all lies, Scorpius tells Crais there is only one way to be certain, Crais needs to sit in the Aurora chair. Meanwhile in the cell Stark shows his secret when he removes his mask to alleviate Crichton from his pain. Stark is a Bane slave.


Aeryn has arrived on the base and meets Gilina, Gilina tells her that she is the secret Crichton is keeping. He tries to protect her. Aeryn goes looking for Crichton and with scheme she is able to rescue Crichton and Stark. Scorpius now knows that Crais only tried to keep secret the murder of his second in command, Teeg. In order to escape Crichton, Stark and Aeryn need a command level ID chip, Aeryn goes to the Aurora chair and finds commander Crais, who commands her to release him. She of course refuses and takes his id and turns on the chair again. Now they can escape but Gilina wants to know the truth, wants to know if Crichton and Aeryn are in love with each other. They both deny but Gilina knows and decides not to come with them. Meanwhile outside Crichton, Stark and Aeryn get help from D'Argo and Zhaan. In the final moments of escaping, Gilina returns and jumps before a firing gun intended for Crichton, shot by Scorpius. Gilina is fatally wounded while Scorpius escapes.


Back on Moya Gilina dies after a kiss from Crichton. Meanwhile Moya has a baby, with the help from Chiana and Rygel. Moya felt it was not a normal baby and she was right because her baby is loaded with weapons.

Episode 21 - Bone to be Wild - With this episode, the Peacekeeper story moves to the back for a bit, but it's still present. Moya is in an astroid field, Peacekeeper cannot find her. Crais and Scorpius are still searching for them, Scorpius suggest to get to Moya by her offspring, see if it can be provoked. Meanwhile the crew of Moya receives a distress call from an astroid. Crichton, Zhaan and D'Argo decide to take a look while Aeryn boards the offspring in an attempt to bring it closer to it's mother. Aeryn succeeds in building a trust between the offspring and Moya.


Moya is so grateful that she asks Aeryn to choose a name for the offspring, which is a boy by the way. On the astroid, the crew saves a helpless alien, M'Lee, from a formidable monster, Br'Nee, and in the struggle their transportation is disabled. Stranded for the moment, the crew discovers that Br'Nee was in fact part of a research team that was annihilated by the 'bone eater' M'Lee. When Zhaan then disappears, it seems there are even darker truths to be revealed. Br'Nee wants to keep Zhaan for himself but Crichton saves her and Br'Nee gets killed in the process. M'Lee, who is starving at that point, devours Br'Nee. When the crew leaves they leave M'Lee behind so she can get ready for the arrival of new bones in the form of Peacekeepers.

Episode 22 - Family Ties - Rygel is en route to the Peacekeeper Command Carrier, his goal is to save himself and betray his friends on Moya. He intends to tell Crais and Scorpius where they are so that he can be free again. But after a number of meals Scorpius sees through Rygal and does not make a deal with him. Crichton and D'Argo come up with a plan, take a shuttle and fly into the bridge of the command carrier so that Moya can escape in the confusion. Meanwhile on the command carrier Crais visits Rygal who is bathing and tells him they should work together because Crais knows as well as Rygal, that they both won't come out of this alive. Crais tells Scorpius to take Rygal back to Moya in an attempt to convince the others to surrenders. Scorpius let's him go but knows he won't return on his own. Rygal returns to Moya, with Crais, after a few beatings from D'Argo, Crais tells the others that D'Argo was innocent for the crime he was accused of, that it was his brother in law, who did it, he was a peacekeeper. While imprisoned, Crais tells Crichton he finally believes him that he killing his brother was an accident.


When Crais tells the crew their plan won't work, another plan is devised, they send in a shuttle, loaded with an explosive compound, to the base on the moon where Scorpius tries create wormholes. They hope that the command carrier, now in command of Scorpius, will go after it but Crais tells Crichton, Scorpius will only do that when Crichton is also aboard. D'Argo and Crichton fly straight to the moonbase and when it becomes clear to Scorpius that Crichton is on that shuttle, he orders the command carrier to pursue. Crichton and DÁrgo plan to disembark the shuttle just before it enters orbit and then they will be picked up by Aeryn Sun.


This gives Moya and her offspring, named after Aeryn's father Talyn, the chance to escape, but Crais has a devious plan. The base is completely destroyed, leaving D'Argo and Crichton hanging in space, waiting to get picked up but Aeryn cannot go near because it's crawling with PK prowlers. Crais boards Talyn and escaped with the warship, away from Moya and away from the peacekeepers. Moya does not want to starburts because she just lost her offspring but after Crichton has a talk with her, she finally starbursts, leaving Aeryn Sun, Crichton and D'Argo behind.


This was the season finale, quite exciting, last five episodes were linked to each other, Bone to be Wild was less heavy arced but it was still in the background. Really found these last five episodes exhilarating, especially "Nerve", "Hidden Memory" and "Family Ties". I have to say I can't wait to begin with season two, really found a new appreciation for this sci-fi series.

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