Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Voyager are being denied an HD upgrade?!


Perhaps there are still fans who assume, after the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-Ray, that Deep Space Nine, and after that Voyager, will automatically follow. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case!


About the time when season six of The Next Generation was being released, fans were wondering when they were going to start on the next series Deep Space Nine. But rumours soon began to surface that the sales of The Next Generation were not what CBS had hoped, they were hoping for a better sales because transferring The Next Generation to HD was a very costly endeavour. Star Trek: Enterprise was not as costly to release and given the first 3 seasons, it seems there wasn't put in much effort to make it look as good as possible. Only the last season, which was broadcast in HD at the time, looks stunning, the other seasons could have looked better but still look much better than it's DVD counterparts.


When watching The Next Generation on HD, each time I am amazed at how it looks like, it really looks fantastic, even season two, which is the weakest in that regard, still looks fantastic in comparison to it's DVD counterpart. Currently I am re-watching both Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as also Star Trek: Voyager and in comparison to the fantastic Blu-Ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I have to say I'm gonna be very disappointed if I will never get the chance to watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as also Star Trek: Voyager, in HD.


What can you do:


First, it is possible to get Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as also Star Trek: Voyager released in HD but then you, the fans, have to buy the already released Star Trek series, The Original Series, Enterprise and The Next Generation on Blu. If you really want Deep Space Nine and Voyager to get that same treatment as The Next Generation and The Original Series, that is the only viable option because CBS needs profit to be able to justify these follow-up projects. Another fact is that both Deep Space Nine and Voyager aren't as popular as The Next Generation, so disappointing sales on the The Next Generation on HD gives the wrong message to CBS, why would they risk releasing Deep Space Nine (and further on Voyager) when they almost certainly know the sales will be less profitable than The Next Gen releases. The prices have dropped significantly since the original releases, so it's not a huge investment. Of course it's still a lot of money but it's really worth, you will see the series, especially TOS and TNG as you've never seen them before, such clarity, perfect picture, it's almost like watching them for the first time.


Second thing you can do is letting everybody know on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you want both Deep Space Nine and Voyager in HD, asks your friends to do the same. Let everybody know it's still not a lost cause, tweet #ds9onblurayplease as much as you can.


Next year Star Trek celebrates it's 50th birthday, that would be the perfect opportunity to release the follow-up series in HD, so don't give up, purchase the The Original Series, Enterprise and The Next Generation on blu, let everybody know, via social media, you want #DS9 (and #Voyager) to be released on blu, I guarantee you, you will be amazed once you see how good it looks in HD.


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